Consultant in philanthropy

Personal and professional aspirations in alignment
Adya has been involved with community groups and associations ever since university. At Concordia University, she discovered the Events Management and Fundraising program, a perfect match for her volunteer motivation and commitment.

After graduation, Adya worked for Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal, where she managed the organization’s communications and fundraising. In particular, she organized an annual benefit auction showcasing the work of Canadian visual artists. The artists included well established figures whose works sold to high-profile collectors for thousands of dollars, as well as yet unknown aspiring talents. Together, these artists gave a big boost to the playwriting development of hundreds of authors in all parts of Canada. Artists helping other artists: a compelling example of the solidarity that is a constant with Adya.

Continuing to hone her fundraising and event organization skills, Adya created and managed communication and solicitation tools for a number of not for profit organizations (NPOs) in Montréal and West Africa.

In 2015, Adya acted as an advisor and created tools for the philanthropic initiative at Pour 3 Points, as this organization was preparing to expand its life coaching program.

In 2018, Adya joined BNP Philanthropic Performance, where she accompanies organizations in planning and deploying their fundraising programs. Adya says she is amazed by the projects she is asked to facilitate. An example is the Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans (MIFO). This organization, brought to life 40 years ago by a handful of secondary school students, has become Ontario’s largest French language cultural centre.

implementing your vision for the world,
acting on the highest human values, and sharing your passion.

Let’s talk about racism and immigrant women and youth

A long‑time member of the Montréal‑area Solidarité Femmes Africaines [African women’s solidarity] community group, Adya is aware of the roots of racism and the factors that affect immigrant women and youth. She helped produce thought-provoking participatory plays in locations from Montréal to Newfoundland.

A former volunteer at the Salon du livre de l’Outaouais [Outaouais book salon], Adya is keen on art and culture. She says she can’t imagine a world without books or theatre or films or music or dance or visual art. For the past two years she has has sat on the board of directors of Twice Upon a Time. Every year, this entirely volunteer‑run organization distributes some 5,000 books to 3,000 children aged 12 and under who live in Ottawa’s most vulnerable neighbourhoods. Highlighting the city’s full range of diversity, the books support children in learning to read and discovering the world around them.

Adya is always interested in new scientific discoveries and inventions that respond to major societal challenges in fields such as health, urban development and the environment. This curiosity was sharpened during a seven‑year stint with Montréal Inc., a foundation that fosters emerging entrepreneurial talent and innovation.

Adya’s three ways to a better world:

  1. Learn together.
  2. Play together.
  3. Dance together.

Her expertises

  • Philanthropic strategy
  • Marketing and communications
  • Donators et volunteers relations
  • Event

Her sectors

  • Education
  • Social innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Arts and culture