Fund Your Programs and Services with the Annual Fundraising Campaign

You want to fund some of your programs and services through an annual fundraising campaign but you need strategic advice and training in order for your team to carry out the process. We are the partner you need that can analyze your current actions and pass on our expertise to your employees.

annual fundraising campaign

Every year, organizations go to great lengths to raise funds for some of their programs and services. Unfortunately,  the strategies used are often limited to soliciting former donors, thus ignoring many opportunities.

The annual campaign is a key part of your fundraising. Properly structured, it allows your organization to obtain greater income on a recurring basis and to develop relationships with your current and potential donors and partners.

How does an annual campaign unfold?


Implement an annual campaign with confidence by training your team

The annual campaign is a rigorous exercise involving an understanding of the practices currently implemented by your organization. Depending on your context, our consultants will educate your team on best practices in philanthropic development and will offer you solutions adapted to your organizational and sectoral reality.

Once your goals are set, we will develop a campaign strategy and plan as well as a step-by-step guide to facilitate your approach to soliciting current and potential donors. Our goal is to ensure the success of your annual campaign and to train you for years to come. We position ourselves as mentors to your team so that they develop the necessary skills to be fully autonomous.

The annual campaign unfolds in 2 major stages:

Organization and Structure

  • Evaluation of Practices and Recommendations
  • Training Resources
  • Defining the Structure
  • Campaign Strategy and Plan
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Training Guide

Solicitation Phase

  • Solicitation Plan
  • Solicitation of Donations
  • Supervision and Support
Step 1
Step 2

A well-orchestrated annual campaign is a major asset for any fundraising organization. By having a structured approach, you will optimize your solicitation efforts and maximize your results with your donors.

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BNP Performance's approach
to supporting your goals

With the support of our professionals, your organization will have a carefully developed and personalized strategy and plan to achieve effective and efficient fundraising.

Depending on your context, the annual campaign may include the following elements:

  • Annual campaign strategy
  • Training and coaching staff in philanthropic development
  • Database analysis
  • Acquisition of new donors
  • Donor retention strategy
  • Donations in memoriam or in honorarium
  • Structure of major gifts or special projects
  • Structure of planned giving
  • Benefit events and draws

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