Attracting and retaining the best talent

The talent in your organization is already contributing full on to the development of your mission, but you need more? Someone just resigned unexpectedly? You’re preparing for the next generation of employees? To effectively plan your next steps, obtaining support for your talent search and your retention strategy is  a necessity—not a luxury. It’s a strategic move that will pay off and even save you money!

Recrutement des talents

Studies have shown that hiring someone on your own can result in an additional $45,000 in direct and indirect costs. What’s more, making the wrong choice could cost you 1.5 to 2 times more than the annual salary of the position to be filled.

We’re by your side to…


Search for the best talent in philanthropy

We know that embarking on a recruitment process can be stressful, energy-consuming and sometimes disappointing. That’s why we don’t just focus on proactive candidates who are looking for  their next challenge. We use an approach that combines our knowledge of the talent landscape and a rigorous search of what’s available on the market. We understand your reality, your needs, and the world of philanthropy, and we master the art of recruitment—what more could one ask?

A clear and transparent talent search process:

Development of a search framework

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Strategic search of the market

Étape 2

Exploratory interviews and recruitment assessment

Étape 3

and tests

Étape 4

Follow-up on hiring / integration coaching

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Follow-up on hiring / integration coaching:

This will enable you to:

  • Quickly launch a talent search process for a new member of your team or your board of directors.
  • Propel your organization into the modern era. Your workers and volunteers are looking for professional development experience.
  • Take your talent needs in charge on an interim basis, with or without the support of a recruitment process.
  • Have immediate access to expertise and a 360-degree approach to talent and governance.
  • Rest easy that the blind spots will be covered and that you’ll have a clear picture thanks to external support.
  • Obtain recommendations that take into account the reality of the sector.
  • Possibly access funding support from Services Québec.

Ready to meet your future talent? Let’s talk today about the profile you’re seeking.

A few numbers…

Since the addition of our talent search services in 2019:

We’ve offered our support in 30 instances. 

In 89% of the recruitments, the candidate was hired.

In only 1 mandate did the candidate leave during the placement guarantee period; but we found the client another qualified candidate.

They have confidence in us

Our inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility and reconciliation statement

Both internally and when carrying out our mandates, BNP Philanthropic Performance promotes diversity and a respect for differences. We can guarantee that our processes are free of discrimination.


We also encourage women, Indigenous people (First Nations, Inuit and Métis), members of visible minorities and ethnic minorities, members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and people with disabilities to apply.


If a candidate does not meet 100% of the requirements, we still invite them to apply if the job and the organization align with their values and aspirations and elicit their enthusiasm. We’re aware that people from diverse communities are less likely to apply for jobs if they do not meet all of the requirements. We hope to contribute to eliminating this obstacle to their career development.

Gauge of confidence

BNP Philanthropic Performance offers consulting services in talent and governance through its consultants, some of whom are registered on the roll of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés and are members of the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés. Many of our consultants also hold the Certified Fund Raising Executives (CFRE) designation, a gauge of high-calibre fundraising expertise and experience.

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How our services work

We are first and foremost a comprehensive consulting firm in philanthropy. And this is what distinguishes us from many human resources and recruitment firms—we have a keen grasp of your reality and we’re highly attuned to the philanthropic sector. We can support you not only in your recruitment needs, but in all of your talent and governance strategies.

Our strength is, without a doubt, talent management in the philanthropic sector. We know the sector, how it works and the candidates who are actively or passively looking for work. Doing business with BNP Philanthropic Performance maximizes your investment by relying on our expertise of the sector and our HR knowhow.

Thanks to our vast team of collaborators, we are present from one end of the country to the other, and carry out local, provincial and national mandates. When you contact us, we’ll make sure that the winning conditions are there for us to be able to support you. This takes into account the location of your organization. 

Internal problems

Conflicts in an organization are natural and can even be healthy. We can provide prompt support in the form of professional management coaching, an organizational assessment or a full investigation, depending on the nature, source and impact of the conflict.

Staff turnover is sometimes inevitable, but also sometimes preventable. With us by your side, we can determine the causes of the turnover, your employer value proposition and your levers for attracting and retaining employees and volunteers. We’ll be able to offer you strategic and operational advice that is consistent with your organizational culture and your financial capacity. Remember, many of our consultants have already worked in the not-for-profit sector.

It’s sometimes necessary to embark on the recruitment process in conditions that are less than ideal. In these situations, we depersonalize and limit as much as possible the circulation of the call for applications so that we can protect your confidentiality. We also focus our efforts on targeted candidates. After that, it’s the client’s responsibility to pursue a more selective approach (confidentiality agreements with the candidates) or a more secure approach (exhaustive list of applicants to be approached, but subject to more declined offers). 


Recruitment process

We certainly have demonstrated expertise in manager and director searches, but whether you’re looking for an agent or manager, talk to us to see how we can support you.

Absolutely. Together, we’ll determine the best sequence, based on your priority needs, capacity to integrate new employees and the extent of management involved in integrating the new recruits. We’ll make sure to find the strategy that best responds to your needs, reputation and the reality of the market.

If you need to quickly add to the capacity of your team in an interim and urgent fashion, we’ll be able to establish your priority needs with you and the skill profile required. Our team of over 40 consultants and freelancers will be able to quickly lend their expertise to your organization.

Based on the nature of the agreement, our mandate may include a placement guarantee. If an employee needs to leave before the 3-month period, BNP Philanthropic Performance will spare no effort to replace this person. Certain conditions and terms apply and are specified in our agreements.

The killer question! We’ve reviewed our processes to determine if we can successfully take on a mandate. So, even before we roll up our sleeves, we verify if the winning conditions have been met. We wouldn’t be doing you any favours if we accepted a mandate that we didn’t think would lead to a satisfactory outcome for everyone. But even in the best conditions, we have to deal with market realities that are beyond our control. If such a situation were to arise, our agreements would specify the various terms and conditions offered.

We believe that the integration process begins at the very start of the recruitment process. So, right from the outset, we make sure that your employer brand is preserved and promoted. That’s why we suggest that you produce a key findings report a few months after the hiring to make sure the “offer on paper” is consistent with the reality. This information is extremely useful for realigning current and future integration.

Organization’s process chart

Absolutely. Whether you’re reviewing your structure, your processes or your policies, we can support you from A to Z.

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