Obtaining B Corp certification—a rewarding move

You’d like to do a “little more” for society, because you know your company isn’t just about making profits? B Corp certification will highlight the human and environmental values that guide your teams in their daily actions.

What is B Corp certification?

B Corp certification was developed by B Lab, an independent non-profit organization based in the United States. Certification requires a rigorous assessment process that measures a company’s global performance based on its governance, its impact on the community and the environment, and the quality of its relationship with its employees. It is a process that takes a holistic measure of a company’s positive impact beyond the profits it generates. It’s also an opportunity for the company to take an introspective look at its entire structure.

Being B Corp certified means fundamentally believing that companies can be a positive force through sound governance and social responsibility.

B Corp is a global movement that reaches:

  • 454 400 employees and collaborators
  • 85 countries
  • 5644 companies
  • 158 industries

We’re by your side to help you…


Successfully attain B Corp certification

You believe you have what it takes to become B Corp certified? Let us give you an impartial, just and informed second opinion. The certification process requires pace and momentum. Feeling supported is reassuring, breaks the isolation and allows you to avoid some of the blind spots in the process.

Our value added? Think of us as a coach that will help you successfully complete a marathon rather than an exhausting sprint with no lasting impact.

The major steps in accompanying you in your certification process:

Audit the current situation


Define expectations
and the process


Provide support in the impact assessment process


Suggest improvements and concrete tools


Provide follow-up and make adjustments to achieve and maintain the minimum score
(80 points)


Call on our experience to:

  • Quickly kick off an audit of your company’s current situation
  • Guide you in the certification and impact assessment process (B Impact Assessment)
  • Make suggestions on improvements you can make in keeping with your DNA and certification impact areas
  • Provide you with internal policy and procedure tools based on your social and environmental aspirations

You feel it’s time for your organization to embark on a B Corp process? Let’s talk about your needs today.

Our B Corp process: a catalyst of our approach

We don’t just give advice, we put it into practice. To be relevant, we need to know what we’re talking about. It’s this spirit that inspires our CSR actions and B Corp process every day. It makes it possible for us to take action that is relevant, and informed by kindness, while meeting the highest standards.

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