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Articles in Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising Strategy

The Case for the Case for Support

I read somewhere one of the giants in fundraising said the Case for Support must “have whatever stuff is needed to warm the heart and stir the mind”. Which got me thinking about why this is not so. Much of what passes for a “Case” today reads like a collection

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COVID-19 is the “mother of invention”

If you had asked any executive director in Canada about risk management 14 months ago, you may have had a conversation about bad investments, hacking, fraud, or perhaps senior staff leaving. Work from home schedules, staff layoffs, PPE, and how to work five different virtual meeting platforms would not have

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Articles in Organizational Management

Organizational Management

Jean Robert Nolet Scholarship

In recognition of its co-founder, BNP Philanthropic Performance created a fund in 2017 to annually award the Jean Robert Nolet Scholarship in order to encourage professionals and students of this sector to follow fundraising trainings. This $750 training and development scholarship will be used for 2022 to fund a portion

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Organizational Management

Why your Organization Should be Using a Professional Facilitator?

Almost all organizations, companies and businesses can expect that their operations may go through different periods of change at different points in time. When all is going smoothly, that’s great of course. But, when you face bumps in the road you may need to call in external help. For many

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Articles in Human Resources

Human resources

Why has the labour shortage hit the philanthropy sector so hard?

At a time when many organizations aren’t getting applications for long‑vacant positions, people ask us this question every day. To unpack the complexity of the situation and offer reassurance if your résumé inbox is underpopulated, Daniel H. Lanteigne, Senior Consultant with BNP Philanthropic Performance, offers some possible answers. The fundraiser

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Guide to executive recruiting in philanthropy

For a number of years, philanthropy has been affected by a shortage of specialists in fundraising, major donations and planned giving. Skillful recruitment is still one of the best ways to identify and attract competent candidates whose values are aligned with those of your organization. Alignment of values is even

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