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Christ Church Cathedral's campaign launch

An iconic landmark

Walking in downtown Montreal, one cannot help but notice the traditional architecture of Christ Church Cathedral on the corner of Ste-Catherine Street and Union Avenue. Christ Church Cathedral offers support to Aboriginal groups, shelter, safety and food to the homeless and is involved with many modern causes such as climate change and international issues. The Church is also a major actor in Montreal’s music scene, offering, amongst other things, a space for young musicians to develop their skills and perform. It is a place where everyone is welcome, no matter their origin and faith. At the moment, the organization is able to sustain its various ongoing programs. However, for the first time in its history, the organization is calling upon all Montrealers to participate in the preservation of this iconic landmark with its first major fundraising campaign.

Campaign launch

The campaign was launched on May 31st during an event regrouping friends of the church. With funding from public and private sources, the Church is hoping to attain a financial goal of $8M during this campaign. Considerable sums have already been raised. The enthusiasm of the Church’s community is promising.

Important projects

The projects which will be financed with the money raised will allow the church to pursue its mission. These projects include the restoration of the spire and roof, the enriching of the musical experience, improved accessibility and the sustainability of the Social Service Society’s work. For more information, please visit: