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The Catholic Women's Leadership Foundation launches its first Major Fundraising Campaign

The Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation publicly launched its first major fundraising campaign on February 14th 2017. The financial objective of the campaign is $1.5 million, which will go towards the establishment of a unique leadership program for Canadian women. So far, cabinet members across Canada have raised over 1 million dollars.

The Foundation was established in 2015 when the Sisters of Service of Canada approached the Catholic Women’s League of Canada. Together they provided the initial funding for the leadership program. In recent months, volunteers across the country have approached important actors of the Catholic Community. The support which has been witnessed by congregations, dioceses, foundations and individuals throughout Canada has been incredible.

The Board members who are structuring the leadership program are aiming to create a innovative curriculum, which mixes leadership training and Catholic teachings. A personalised approach will allow participants to easily integrate their newly acquired skills into their personal and professional lives.

It is with pleasure that BNP is accompanying these women in their achievement. We do believe that this program will have an influence on the engagement of women in leadership roles in the Catholic community as well as in businesses in the public and private sectors, in non-profit organizations and in society in general. Congratulations to everyone involved for their impressive and hard work!


For more information about this initiative, please contact Alicia Ambrosio at, by phone at (604) 254-1066 or visit the website: