Montréal, October 1, 2020 – BNP Philanthropic Performance and The Goldie Company are pleased to announce a partnership designed to offer support to Canada’s philanthropic community. This co‑operative endeavour, combining over 66 years of experience and expertise, is part of an ongoing nationwide trend toward professional philanthropy that can help ensure that each organization’s resources can be used to maximize benefit to the client.

As of today, the two consulting firms will jointly serve organizations across Canada. The Goldie Company will now be known as BNP Goldie Canada; BNP Philanthropic Performance will continue to operate under its current name.

“For several months we had been looking for ways to show our support for organizations in these changing times. For example, in June 2020 we set up the Institute for Philanthropy to facilitate access to training for professionals in our field by offering courses online. Now, these professionals can develop their skills wherever they are, at their own pace, while still benefiting from support by an expert coach. Our partnership with The Goldie Company echoes our desire to continue to adapt to changes in the field and to stay attuned to organizations’ expectations, so that we can offer them our best service, even in challenging times. Our Resilience 2020 survey, conducted this past spring and again this fall, clearly shows that Covid‑19 has adversely affected contributions to organizations. While the news is not all bad, we’re going to need to be creative and determined if we want to empower organizations to keep on serving our communities. The partnership between BNP Philanthropic Performance and The Goldie Company demonstrates our desire to join forces and combine expertise so that we can better serve organizations across Canada, in both official languages,” noted Christian Bolduc, President and Chief Executive Officer of BNP Philanthropic Performance.

Since 1965, The Goldie Company has served not‑for-profit organizations all over the country, especially in Ontario and western Canada. The partnership between these two expert teams is good news that will meet the needs of an evolving sector and ensure that best practices are shared across the country.

“From our beginnings in 1965, we have made sure the services we offer are up‑to‑date and tailor-made to organizations’ expectations in all sectors of activity. In addition to our strategy service, we have developed a dedicated philanthropy‑specific recruiting service, as well as a coaching and mentoring program that shares our expertise with staff teams and volunteers. The BNP Human Resources division will boost our efforts to develop human resources strategies that will motivate and retain professionals, thus helping organizations maintain stable staff in unstable times. Combining our areas of expertise will really let us evolve to another level in terms of knowledge transfer and best practices,” added George Stanois, Managing Director of The Goldie Company.

About BNP Philanthropic Performance
Jointly founded in 1999 by Jean-Robert Nolet and Christian Bolduc, BNP Philanthropic Performance offers philanthropic and organizational strategies for fundraising research and campaigns. Working closely with organizations engaged in health care, education, culture, science and religion, the BNP team includes numerous holders of the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) designation, the highest level of certification in the philanthropic field.

About The Goldie Company
Founded in 1965 by Gordon L. Goldie, The Goldie Company assists hospitals, universities, colleges, churches, social service agencies and other organizations in raising funds for thousands of projects. It also operates annual fundraising campaigns for social programs. In 1996, George Stanois joined the consulting firm as a partner, becoming its sole proprietor in 2005.

The Goldie Company’s ongoing success reflects the bedrock principles of its founder Gordon L. Goldie’s sterling reputation.

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