Montreal, April 24th, 2024 – BNP Philanthropic Performance is delighted to welcome Sare Nalbantoğlu Aslankılıç to its team as Communications Coordinator. With her academic and professional background as well as her volunteer involvement, Sare brings valuable expertise in communications strategy and project management.

Sare Nalbantoğlu Aslankılıç

A career committed to social and societal issues

Sare Nalbantoğlu Aslankılıç is currently a doctoral student in sociology at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Her academic background in sociology as well as in radio, film and television has enabled her to develop an in-depth understanding of social issues. In addition, her volunteer involvement with a local community organization, where she has held roles as board member, project manager and social cohesion facilitator, has strengthened her desire to support disadvantaged and displaced communities.

For positive impact communication

Before joining BNP Philanthropic Performance, Sare gained significant experience as a communications officer at a philanthropy research center (PhiLab) at UQAM. She was responsible for ensuring the visibility and quality of content published by the center, as well as managing social networks and creating written and visual content for various documents. Her commitment to effective communication and positive social impact is reflected in her career path.

A strategic communications role for BNP Philanthropic Performance

As Communications Coordinator at BNP Philanthropic Performance, Sare will play a key role in contributing to the organization’s overall communications strategy. She will oversee digital projects, manage social networks, and coordinate events. Her expertise in creating quality content and engaging audiences will be an undeniable asset in strengthening the consultancy’s visibility and impact in the philanthropic arena.

BNP Philanthropic Performance is delighted to welcome Sare to its team, and to benefit from her expertise as it continues to develop the visibility of initiatives aimed at the philanthropic sector.

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