In order to be inspired by best practices and to pursue its methodical growth, the management of BNP Philanthropic Performance has decided to set up an advisory committee made up of varied and complementary profiles:
Hilary Pearson comité aviseur
Maxime Boissonneault

Hilary Pearson, CM

Author, commentator and Past President of Philanthropic Foundations Canada

Maxime Boissonneault

Co-President and Co-Founder
at Moov AI

Robert Lorange

in Philanthropic Strategy

Serge Lebel comité aviseur
Lucie Leclerc comité aviseur
Christian Bolduc

Christian Bolduc

President of BNP Philanthropic Performance 

Together, the members of the advisory committee will focus on the following priorities:

  • Business development
  • Business succession
  • The economic situation as well as the economic and social issues that may have an impact on the company
  • Current and anticipated issues in the philanthropic sector

Thus, this thorough reflection will enable the management of BNP Philanthropic Performance to obtain objective advice and support in decision-making, to strengthen its transparency in terms of governance and to adequately understand the issues for both the company and the philanthropic sector.

The creation of this advisory committee once again reinforces the position of the consulting firm, which aims to be a sustainable and responsible player within its field of activity through its B Corp certification and its social responsibility policy.