Montreal February 28, 2023 – The entire BNP Philanthropic Performance team is delighted to welcome Laetitia Iraguha, a new philanthropy intern who will lend a hand with organizations in the Atlantic region.

Laetitia IRAGUHA

Changing the lives of people and children in need

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an Accounting concentration from the Adventist University of Central Africa in Kigali, Rwanda, between 2005 and 2009, Laetitia Iraguha, passionate about philanthropy, decided to join several charitable organizations, including the community group “Friends of the Sacred Heart of Jesus”, and the Scouts movement in Kigali, Rwanda. Within these organizations, she had the opportunity to set up volunteer programs to improve the lives of people and children in need. Involved with her church, Laetitia took part in several campaigns to combat violence against children and raise funds for school fees.

A career always linked to philanthropy

Early on, Laetitia completed an internship at the National Bank of Rwanda, from August to September 2008. Subsequently, between July 2009 and February 2010, she was a volunteer in the Finance Department of the International Gorillas Conservation Program in Kigali. Then, in 2010, she became a tax auditor for the Rwanda Revenue Authority for about three (3) years. These first experiences ultimately led her to begin a professional career in philanthropy.

Laetitia first joined Family Health International 360 in Burundi in 2017, as a partner in charge of Finance and Operations. Her main mission was to manage the finances and all the logistics of the FHI360 Malaria Care Project. She was responsible for the follow-up and supply of fuel for 20 rental vehicles that allowed health professionals to travel to administer care to sick people. The objective was to reduce the spread of the Malaria epidemic; a disease that killed more than 700 people in three (3) months in 2017, with more than 1.8 million people affected in rural areas of Burundi. Subsequently, Laetitia moved into accounting by integrating two organizations between 2018 and 2020: Modern Electronics Enterprise in Burundi and LCI Services in Kigali. It was in 2021 that she decided to continue her studies as an international student in Canada, to pursue a master’s degree in Business Administration in the Co-Op Programme at the University of Moncton. Laetitia will receive her degree in May 2023.

Laetitia Iraguha to support Atlantic organizations

Having always been involved in philanthropy, Laetitia wishes to now pursue her career in the sector. For this reason she is joining the consulting firm BNP Philanthropic Performance as an intern for the Atlantic region as part of her studies. Based on her knowledge, dedication, understanding and skills, Laetitia will be able to assist the Moncton team in helping more and more organizations with their philanthropic strategy.

Marc Lapointe, Atlantic Vice-President of BNP Philanthropic Performance, stated: “We welcome Laetitia, our new intern who will help support our organizations in the Atlantic region. Her experience in various organizations, both as a volunteer and as an organizational management professional, bolsters the level of expertise in our Moncton office allowing us to better service organizations in the region seeking specific support in philanthropy. Our desire to grow and support even more organizations is a priority for BNP, which is why we make it a point of honor to surround ourselves with passionate, motivated and inspired experts.”

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