On March 14, 2024, BNP Philanthropic Performance announced the appointment of Marie-Andrée Pigeon-Turenne as Manager of Research, Data Governance, and Business Intelligence. Her expertise and commitment will strengthen the consulting firm’s team in terms of data analysis and by proposing innovative solutions.

Marie-Andrée Pigeon-Turenne

Technological convergence and philanthropy: a transformative societal impact

Marie-Andrée Pigeon-Turenne brings a strong background in data management and business intelligence. With a Master’s degree in International Business Administration and Management, she has demonstrated her commitment to innovation and efficiency in the philanthropic sector. In 2021, she joined the Trudeau Foundation as an Event Coordinator. Then, she joined the Montreal Symphony Orchestra to advise the institution on fundraising campaigns and philanthropic actions.

Since her university studies, she has been passionate about operational management. Analyzing data, identifying problems, and proposing innovative solutions are daily challenges that excite her. Currently, her attention is focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and its regulatory application in the field of philanthropic management. She is convinced that AI represents the future of computing and firmly believes in its potential to help organizations become more efficient and productive.

Devotion to the community and social sensitivity

Marie-Andrée enhances the BNP Philanthropic Performance team beyond her professional experience. She volunteers with organizations such as Chiots Nordiques and Transit Secours, which work for causes that are deeply important to her.

She is also concerned about issues related to equal opportunities and social justice for marginalized communities. She pays special attention to women’s status, gender identities, and sexual orientation, as well as indigenous populations, insecurity, immigration, animal welfare, and nature preservation.

Marie-Andrée emphasizes the importance of collaboration and solidarity for a lasting positive impact on our society. She is convinced that there is always more to learn and values the importance of surrounding oneself with inspiring people, actively listening, and asking questions to promote personal and professional growth.

“Our research department evolves year upon year to become ever more efficient and a real support for the organizations we work with. With the arrival of Marie-Andrée, we want to continue the evolution of our data collection and management practices to remain relevant and offer complete solutions to our clients. The new technologies must be of service to philanthropy, and that is what we are trying to put into practice”, says Christian Bolduc, President of BNP Philanthropic Performance.

The entire team is delighted to welcome Marie-Andrée and to benefit fully from her expertise.

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