Brigitte Germain

Senior Consultant in philanthropy

A warm, modest, deeply caring person
A volunteer from a very young age, Brigitte began working in the field of philanthropy at the Old Brewery Mission, where she know immediately that she was in a right place. Her fond memories of the Mission include Christmas dinners, when each homeless person would receive a gift bag and best wishes of the season. It was during her time at the Mission that Brigitte made one of her dreams come true: she bought and renovated a building, in which she could offer a single room to vulnerable individuals to help them get back on their feet.

Brigitte headed the Mission’s first major fundraising campaign, which had an initial objective of $2.5 million and ended up raising $3.5 million. She also developed two semi annual fundraising campaigns, which boosted the organization’s annual revenue from $500,000 to $1.3 million.

Next, Brigitte was general manager for the Fondation pour la Santé du Nord de Lanaudière [health foundation for the northern Lanaudière region], executive director of the Montréal Women’s Y (YWCA) Foundation, executive director of Montréal’s Mental Illness Foundation, and general manager of the Fondation Santé Haut-Richelieu – Rouville [health foundation for the regional county municipality of Rouville and the northern Richelieu river valley].

At BNP Philanthropic Performance, Brigitte wants organizations to benefit as much as possible from her experience. She says she receives as much as she gives in her work, adding that she is always touched when clients achieve their objectives. With a strong focus on strategy and results, Brigitte knows how to develop and implement innovative programs for her client organizations. She also designs fundraising and communication initiatives including major donation, planned giving and endowment programs, as well as annual and major fundraising campaigns.

helping someone, naturally.

Mira Foundation, an organization close to Brigitte’s heart
As a foster family for the Mira Foundation, Quebec’s French-language guide dog training organization, Brigitte hosted and socialized puppies to prepare them to be trained by the organization’s professional. Her goal was to accompany and socialize the ideal companion for persons living with a disability. Brigitte was very proud of this volunteer involvement, and loved talking about it to everyone she knows.

These days, Brigitte also cares for Bouffon, BNP Philanthropic Performance’s retired mascot dog [photo to come].
Brigitte also cares about mental health, realizing that mental illness is the challenge of the century. She is active with the Collectif pour l’accès à la psychothérapie (CAP) and was a founding supporter of the Mouvement pour mettre fin à l’itinérance à Montréal (MMFIM) [Montréal movement to end homelessness].

Brigitte’s three ways to a better world:

  1. Eradicate violence and prejudice.
  2. Develop solidarity and mutual assistance.
  3. Hope in a better world for everyone.

Her expertises

  • Business development
  • Major fundraising campaing
  • Organizational management

Her sectors

  • Education
  • Health
  • Community
  • Arts and culture
  • Religious
  • Environmental
  • Sports and recreation