Have you Considered Crowdfunding as a Fundraising Approach?

Digital has become a great way to solicit and obtain donations, quickly and securely. However, you don’t know where to start on integrating a crowdfunding campaign with your online tools? Our toolbox guides you step by step and gives you access to the best advice from our specialists to help you achieve your fundraising objectives.

crowdfunding campaign

What is a crowdfunding campaign?

First of all, a crowdfunding campaign is different in that it will ask a certain number of people to make donations in exchange (or not) for a consideration from your organization (promotional items, invitation to an event, etc). And this will be done directly through your website or a dedicated transactional site.

With our toolbox, we guide you step by step; from your wish to embark on this crowdfunding campaign, to the complete achievement of your objectives.

How do we help you set up
a crowdfunding campaign?


A toolbox and a team that guide you step by step

Thanks to BNP Philanthropic Performance’s “Fundraising To Go” toolbox, our team is on hand to answer your questions and follow up on your steps in setting up a crowdfunding campaign. Our goal is for you to be able to acquire all the skills and information essential to embarking on this project, as quickly as possible and in less than 3 weeks.

You will thus be able to have access to:

A step-by-step guide with deadlines

A list of tasks
to achieve

A set-up

Templates with comments and advice

10 hours of consultation with our team

To obtain your “Fundraising To Go”  toolbox, contact us.

Precisely, what does our toolbox provide you with?

With our tools you will be able to:

Prepare for your crowdfunding campaign by determining your financial objectives and your audience as well as identifying your means of communication (social networks, website, newsletters, etc.).

Set up your project by choosing your online crowdfunding platform, if you do not go through your website.

Use solicitation templates to maintain audience and donor interest to collect as many donations as possible and to grow your community. You will also be able to edit templates that include solicitation emails, press releases, thank you letters, etc.

Schedule your communications through your email platform, social media networks or even traditional postal mailings. You can also expect to update your website with your communications.

Leverage our expertise and support from the beginning to the end of your crowdfunding process.

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