Information is everything!

Who cares about your cause? Who are your major donors? What arguments do they find convincing? What kinds of projects inspire them? How much should new donors be asked to give? Can you do more with existing donors? To do your best work with donors, you need to understand them.

Prospecto offers the expertise and support of our research team, as well as diversified sources of information including multiple databases that provide value‑added on a daily basis.

Make sure your way of thinking and your plan of action are backed by accurate, relevant information.

Donors and leaders lists

Do your donor and leader lists need updating? Let our professionals do the job.

potential donor data profile design

Want specific data on potential donors? We can conduct in‑depth research.

potential donor qualification criteria

We can save you time by selecting donors who are likely to support your cause.

database analysis

Got a data base that needs to be reviewed? We analyse your data base so that you ca make better recommendations. 

We want to make your life simpler. That means that we're present, available and listening. All the time.