Dominic Blais

Consultant in philanthropy and communications

Focused communication: the key to success

For nearly three years, Dominic worked for the Fondation du Centre de prévention du suicide de Québec. As their manager of development activities, he was responsible for the smooth implementation of philanthropy development and outreach initiatives. He was involved in a number of significant projects, including the major fundraising campaign that garnered over $2M for the foundation.

Dominic cares about public relations, communications and strategy, and works at developing skills that will reflect his belief that creativity has positive spinoff effects for organizations. At present he is completing a Diploma in Public Relations and Communications at McGill University – quite a change from his bachelor’s degree in finance from Université Laval and his certificate in finance from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. The latter overseas academic venture was made possible by a scholarship provided by a generous donor, and Dominic has not forgotten that magnanimous philanthropic gesture.

Dominic wants his professional practice to be effective on the ground. Believing that every idea has the potential to bring about a better future for an individual, a community or a cause, Dominic is eager to share new perspectives and his generation’s vision of the world. As an example, for two years at Université Laval he coached students preparing for the Jeux du Commerce, the annual inter-university business games.

As a former participant in piano competitions, Dominic retains a lively interest in arts and culture and observes that, despite its importance in people’s lives, this field is often overlooked when it comes to fundraising. Dominic enjoys sharing what he has learned, and dreams of becoming a college instructor or university lecturer.

understanding that it’s better to share than to hoard.

Dominic’s three ways to a better world:
  1. 1. Alleviate stigma around mental illness.;
  2. 2. Improve conditions for homeless persons;
  3. 3. Put a stop to acts of hatred and discrimination against minority communities.

His expertises

  • Communications
  • Public relations
  • Philanthropic strategy

His sectors

  • Education
  • Community
  • Arts and culture