Vice President, Quebec and Eastern Quebec and Manager, Human Resources

Early in her career, during four years as senior director of the Collège Jésus-Marie residence service, Esther was actively involved with the Collège Jésus-Marie Foundation’s board of directors and learned the essentials of philanthropic management working shoulder-to-shoulder with highly knowledgeable individuals.

With many years of experience in retail management, she knows the business world well and believes that the social economy can greatly benefit from an enhanced philanthropic culture.

Wishing to build on her commitment to philanthropy within the academic sector, Edith joined Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy as an event planner in the convention services department and coordinator of the institution’s major fundraising campaign.

She is passionate about all aspects of custom, protocol and know-how and since 2009 has been a guest speaker with the Faculty of Administrative Sciences at Université Laval at the start and end of the program for first and third-year students. Numerous students have benefited both personally and professionally from her insight and knowledge during their careers.

Esther joined the BNP Performance team in December 2015.


  • Business Development
  • Human resources
  • Major fundraising campaign
  • Financing program
  • Alumni networking
  • Social responsibility


  • Education
  • Community
  • Sports and recreation