Glenn Massad



Consultant in philanthropy

Eclectic expertise

After completing a BA at Concordia University in Montréal in 1987 and an LLB at Université Laval in Quebec City in 1991, Glenn Massad began his career in Los Angeles as a talent manager with Dattner and Associates from 1994 until 1998, and then with the Creative Management Agency from 1998 until 2002. Passionate about writing and storytelling, Glenn decided to set up his own communications consulting firm, GM Communications, in 2002. This move launched Glenn’s career in communications as he continued to hone his skills, not only as a creative thinker, writer and media strategist, but also as a business spokesperson and executive media trainer. His responsibilities included using strategic marketing techniques and effective brand management to maintain positive investor and stakeholder relations for his roster of clients. At the same time Glenn expanded his knowledge of business development, as the Vice‑President of Investor Relations and Director of Communications for Blue Note Mining in Montréal from 2005 to 2010, and as an Account Executive at Edelman Public Relations in the national mining practice for two years. Most recently, Glenn was the Director of Communications for the Habilitas Foundation from 2012 to 2021 where he headed the team  that accomplished the foundation’s complete rebranding and last year Glenn provided his expertise in brand marketing at Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramp’s School (ECS) from October 2021 until July 2022.

following your heart, and
doing work that you love and that makes other people’s lives better

Philanthropy is letting your best consciousness inspire every aspect of your life

Glenn’s maternal grandparents had physical disabilities that never slowed them down. Exposure to their impairments and, more importantly, to how they thrived in spite of their “limitations” was the foundation of his desire to share their attitude with others in similar circumstances. As a result of this early experience, Glenn has always made caring and empowering part of his personal and professional life. He has produced a number of films and other marketing materials that tell the stories of vulnerable individuals. One example is a video about the journey of a young man with cerebral palsy whose life considerably influenced the career of his brother, an Olympic athlete. The video was screened at a private event hosting some 60 donors; the storytelling was so moving and engaging that it inspired attendees to make direct donations to the cause; raising close to  $250,000 in one evening. Glenn has always worked as a volunteer on philanthropic fundraising and public awareness teams. An example is the annual ScotiaBank Run, an event in which thousands of participants come together to support a cause.

Empathy is essential to professionalism for Glenn Massad

Glenn is a lifelong learner, and one thing he loves about his job is the opportunity to work with others to create and deliver inspiring messages that will help communities find their voice. For Glenn, work needs to be meaningful.

As a person who has consistently aligned his career choices with his personal beliefs, today Glenn has chosen to become part of the philanthropic sector to unreservedly make his part of the world a better place.

Glenn Massad's three ways to a better world

  1. Understand that we’re all alike, and we’re all equal.
  2. Care about the environment.
  3. Stop war by promoting communication.

Glenn's areas of expertise

  • Business development
  • Internal and external communications
  • Marketing strategy
  • Investor and media relations
  • Project management
  • Philanthropic strategy and assistance to non‑profit organizations
  • Philanthropic project management