Develop Your Government Relations!

Do you want to solicit grant applications and develop your government relations? But you don’t know how to go about it and you need advice and support? What if you give yourself every chance to get positive feedback by calling on us?

Government Relations

Towards a continuation of your evolution

We can often think that an organization wishing to obtain grants is embarking on an insurmountable process burdened by a multitude of enigmatic steps. But that’s not really the case, you just have to be determined, organized and detail-oriented. Otherwise, you will not be able to create good and solid relationships with governments.

The objective here is important, because depending on the nature of your mission and your objectives, you will necessarily, after a while, have to rely on different public and governmental institutions to help you. Some organizations only survive thanks to grants, so it is necessary and essential for you to learn and know how to create and maintain relationships with the various bodies. It is about the continuation of your evolution and the support of individuals.

Our support in developing
your government relations


The four steps to get started

We are here to help you understand the different steps, to support you and advise you in these different processes. To enable you to achieve your goals, to have access to grants, but also to create healthy and stable relationships with the various governments.

We will help you:

Establish a plan that includes your missions, objectives, needs and strategies

Define your project and the resulting budget

Conduct research to guide the grant application

Compile your file and collect the essential documents


The research stage will focus on the following:

  • Understanding the political environment in which you operate
  • Understanding the orientations and priorities of the various governments
  • Identifying grants for which you could apply
  • Identifying government decision makers and influencers who could help you achieve your goals
  • The search for policies, strategies, action plans relating to your cause and your needs in order to adapt to it

Contact our team now to learn more about the pre-campaign study.

Government relations,
a human-to-human approach

A grant application is analyzed by a human. The project must therefore be explained in the right way so that the person can easily and quickly understand your intentions. It must also be able to speak for itself in identifying its positive impact on society.

This exercise requires those involved to be attentive, curious but above all patient and persevering. Together, we take the time to identify and recognize all existing and available sources of funding related to your organization to give you every chance to realize your projects.

Are you ready to build a serene future for your organization and to create lasting links and relationships with the governments in your region and your province? Make an appointment now with our expert.

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