Human Resources & People Strategies – Recruit, Retain, Achieve the Possible

Your organization runs on People. BNP Human Resources is organized to give you a clear picture of the issues and worries that impact the mission and sustainability of your organization. Talent is hard to find, turnover is expensive, training and motivating is critical. So are answers about which strategies will be best and what high performing teams could look like. We work hands-on. You, the Board, the Human Resources committee, Executive Director, staff, and volunteers, are all part of making the most of your organization’s capacity to fulfill your mission and commitment to your community.

These professional services are a combination of experience in the philanthropic sector and skill with Human Resource practices. Our approach is purposefully strategic, with impacts throughout the organization. We promote policies and procedures that reveal what your organization stands for and its essential character. We work to strengthen your brand.

human resources assessment

The environment changes constantly. Human Resources practices should be evaluated regularly so the best decisions can be made. Our Human Resources Assessment process shows the way.


Leadership recruitment is an ongoing challenge that takes time and skill. We conduct searches across Canada to find the right candidates for the senior team or the Board.

Interim Executive Placement

Sometimes all you need is someone to cover a leave of absence or fill a temporary position. They must be qualified and capable to do the job, so we use our network to find the ideal person. Onsite or remote.

Human resources standards, policies and regulations

Human Resources management is a professional skill. We are skilled in the ethics and standards that guide making strong HR decisions to support inclusion, diversity, and equity goals.

Contracting and labour relations

People have unique relationships with their employer. Documenting roles, rights, and responsibilities is complex and needs professional care. Your team deserves nothing less. Our team knows this and helps you make the right negotiations.


Human Resources is a special area of Non-Profit Management and not everyone is familiar with how it works. We are and want you to be informed as well. Our experts are ready to provide workshops or roundtable discussions for your team.

personnalized program

What works for one organization is never guaranteed to work for another. Your organization is unique and deserves a thoughtful answer to questions about your people and how to support their talents.

Managing an organization’s Human Resources is often complex but not impossible. We aim to make your life easier.

Articles in Human Resources

Human resources

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