Enhance Your Organizational Structure with an Imagine Canada Certification

Having your organization recognized through an Imagine Canada certification means embarking on a rigorous process to demonstrate the quality of your organizational structure.

And this represents a guarantee of trust for your partners, your sponsorships and your donors. So, are you ready to take up the challenge with us?

certification Imagine Canada

What is an Imagine Canada certification?

Imagine Canada Certification allows you to enhance your organization’s credibility and build trust with your donors through the Standards Program Trust Seal. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your excellence and your leadership in five (5) areas:

  • Board governance
  • Financial responsibility and transparency
  • Fundraising
  • Staff management
  • Volunteer involvement

To learn more about the accreditation program, visit the Imagine Canada website.

How can we help you obtain this certification?


Complete management of the authorization request

Our involvement includes the following elements:

  • An analysis of your structure and your sector of activity
  • Establishing a list of standardization needs and priorities
  • Understanding of the elements and policies currently in place within your organization
  • The establishment of the necessary documentation as well as its approval and validation with your board of directors
  • The implementation of the process, the formulation of recommendations and the drafting of the various policies affecting your governance and the sound management of your organization
  • Final drafting of documents
  • The implementation of the strategy allowing your organization to obtain accreditation
  • The preparation of a work plan including the tasks to be accomplished, the deadlines and the necessary materials
  • Preparation and transmission of accreditation requests (to Imagine Canada and/or Bureau de normalization du Québec)
  • Monitoring of the accreditation request (Imagine Canada and/or Bureau de normalization du Québec)

Are you ready to move on to a new stage for your organization? Make an appointment now with our expert to discuss Imagine Canada certification.

What will your role be during
the certification application process?

To carry out this new stage of recognition for your organization, you will have three (3) main actions to take:

  • Transmit to our consultants the data and documents relating to your current policies and other information useful in the preparation of proposals
  • Collaborate throughout the process to ensure its smooth running and maintain the involvement of the Board of Directors
  • Give your approval regarding the new policies, suggestions and recommendations proposed by our consultants.

Thus, we are present from the beginning to the end of this accreditation process allowing you to pursue your objectives, to stand out, to improve your policies and your visibility. You will also join a network of organizations that share the same principles and values ​​as you and finally, you will improve your reputation to grow your number of donors.

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