Jean-Gabriel Couillard

Accountant Technician

Open arms and open hearts, for a better world

Jean-Gabriel joined BNP Philanthropic Performance in November 2020 as an accounting technician. He is very proud to be starting his professional career with the amazing team at this consulting firm.

Jean-Gabriel holds a diploma in accounting management and technology, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and a certificate in records management.

For a number of years Jean-Gabriel has volunteered with the Société de Saint-Vincent‑de‑Paul in Quebec City. He says this experience has made him aware of the importance of helping others who are in need. For Jean-Gabriel, philanthropy is a way of life, focused on the goodness and the betterment of humanity.

Jean-Gabriel’s accounting records management skills allow BNP Philanthropic Performance to do its best work on each of its projects, and he is delighted to offer this contribution to a firm that focuses on human values.

Jean-Gabriel’s three ways to a better world:

  • Take care of our planet;
  • Celebrate our differences;
  • Be kind to others and to ourselves.

each of us taking action for the greater good.