Jonathan Tanguay

Consultant in philanthropy

Think globally, act locally, and lend a helping hand!
Jonathan doesn’t hesitate to roll up his sleeves, or to tell friends and co workers about his volunteer commitments. He serves up meals at Lauberivière, a shelter and referral agency for homeless persons in Québec, and cooks for Le Filon, an organization that provides assistance to disadvantaged families in Lévis. In offering support to the most vulnerable in his region, Jonathan taps into times of profound humanity that he finds personally highly meaningful.
Witnessing the COVID-19 pandemic, Jonathan was moved to see how resilient Quebec residents are: like himself, they were quick to get to work, take a positive view, and offer help where needed.
In his professional life, Jonathan wants to devote every working day to organizations in need. As a member of the BNP Philanthropic Performance team, he feels that he plays an active role in bringing about change that promotes best practices and helps organizations become more autonomous. Jonathan finds in person and virtual encounters with individuals who are dedicated to their causes truly inspiring. In getting a handle on the challenges facing his client organizations, he is motivated to give his very best.
In recent months, Jonathan has focused his efforts on providing services that uphold social responsibility. BNP Philanthropic Performance wants to support organizations in applying policies that respect the environment and communities, and Jonathan finds that implementing this approach is a concrete step that organizations can take.
Ever since entering the profession, Jonathan has appreciated his good fortune in working with mentor and colleague Esther Tranchemontagne. The enjoyment they share while taking good care of their clients is palpable.

understanding the challenges facing our society:
protecting the environment,
providing health care and education, eliminating poverty, ensuring equal opportunity, and fostering culture.
It also means lending others a helping hand and wanting to live in a more just society.

Jonathan would like to see more young professionals sit as committee members during major fundraising campaigns so that their voices are heard and philanthropy is truly well served. A strong team player, he believes in the capacity of multi-generational teams to achieve objectives and create a kinder future.

Wanting to bequeath a healthy planet to future generations, Jonathan cares about the environment. He’s also a big believer in the impact of education in overcoming hatred and discrimination.

Jonathan is an eternal optimist who is determined to bring people together. He considers that philanthropy gets results and generates hope. Together, we can handle any challenge!

Jonathan’s three ways to a better world:

  1. Effectively address global warming.
  2. Achieve a world free of poverty where everyone does their part to help others.
  3. Provide access to high quality education for everyone.

His expertises

  • Politic
  • Public relations
  • Philanthropic strategy

His sectors

  • Education
  • Health
  • Community
  • Arts and culture
  • Religious
  • Environmental
  • Sports and recreation