Justin D Nicolle



Consultant in philanthropy

Sharing and Developing the Passion for Generosity!

Justin is a Canadian, Australian, and a dedicated global citizen with over a decade of experience in fundraising and business development. After nationally managing a leadership network, he joined the charitable sector to help build peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns with Australia’s largest charity. He advanced to recruit, train and manage teams across three fundraising channels to raise funds for advocacy, humanitarian relief, and community development work. In 2018, he began managing philanthropy partnerships with corporates, foundations, and major donors that raised over $1m annually.

After starting his career overseas, Justin returned to Canada as a philanthropy advisor for Eastern and Atlantic Canada, with responsibilities that included helping the agency prepare for a capitol campaign and a major donor program. Also, Justin has consulted in the film industry and worked with Hollywood producers on managing investors, building strategic partnerships, and crowdfunding.

In joining BNP Philanthropic Performance, Justin looks forward to sharing his experience in philanthropic development and partnership‑building strategy with organizations and stakeholders. He enjoys working as part of a team, sharing on‑the‑ground experience with clients, and promoting what he calls the “joy of generosity”.

He is deeply moved by initiatives led by non-profit organizations, industry leaders and government agencies to improve policies, practices and programs in their communities.

continuing to choose a life of contribution, passion, and intentionality.

His volunteer experience began with mentoring at-risk and disabled youth. Then, his first job allowed him to make his first donations to charitable organizations offering opportunities to the beneficiaries.

Justin’s three ways to a better world: :

  1. A more renewable and sustainable future;
  2. Societies that protect freedoms and open opportunities for everyone to contribute meaningfully;
  3. Where the private and public sector have more open-sourced collaboration on our world’s most pressing issues.