The Major
Fundraising Campaign,
a Meticulous Exercise!

Do you have a major project in mind for your organization and you need funds to make it happen? The major fundraising campaign is certainly the best way to turn your goals into reality.

Major Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising programs are demanding initiatives that require special thought, time, specific resources and energy. This means that this process is not to be taken lightly.

In fact, the reputation and public opinion of your organization, its organizational maturity as well as the relevance of your project are essential elements to consider. It is also important to know your environment and your base of current and prospective donors, because their influence leads to the effective unfolding and success of your major fundraising campaign.

It is therefore absolutely essential for your organization to surround itself with the best experts, so that you can achieve your goals.

How does
a major fundraising campaign unfold?


Our knowledge in the service of your major fundraising campaign

A major fundraising campaign requires optimal planning, recognized expertise and proven experience. By surrounding yourself with specialists, you will be able to build the best strategy, better understand all the phases and effectively solicit your donors. That’s good, because it’s our specialty!

We are here to guide you, advise you and share our best tips, advice and expertise, so that you can build a solid foundation in order to achieve your goals on your own.

Three essential phases for setting up your campaign

As specialists in philanthropy, business development and communication, we can support and guide you through the implementation, monitoring and management of each step.

The implementation of a major fundraising campaign is based on 3 important phases through which we will guide you:

Preparatory Phase
4 to 6 months

  • Organizing and structuring your objectives
  • Defining the primary focus and strategies of your campaign
  • Meetings to strengthen ties with identified donors
  • Recruitment of members of the campaign cabinet and honorary committee
  • Drafting your case for support
  • Design of the various fundraising tools

Silent Phase of the Campaign
5 to 18 months

  • Significant and structured involvement of cabinet members in soliciting major and significant donations
  • Mobilization and solicitation of your internal community
  • Meetings to strengthen your ties with your identified donors
  • Solicitation of major and significant gifts
  • Launch of the public campaign when you reach 60% to 70% of your goal

Public Phase of the Campaign
4 to 10 months

  • Involvement of members of your organization in the solicitation of special and general donations, public relations and communication activities
  • Recognition of your donors
  • Closing of campaign and communication of results
  • Preparing for your post-campaign
  • Transmission of skills in philanthropic strategy to your staff
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Are you ready to get started? Contact our team now to learn more about the major fundraising campaign.

We are by your side from start to finish

We are with you from the beginning to the end of  your major fundraising campaign to ensure that you achieve your objectives and your mission:

  • Development of your campaign strategy to save time and money
  • Support at each stage to gain skills and efficiency
  • Identifying and recruiting members of your campaign cabinet
  • Holding meetings with your organization
  • Participation in the evaluation of exceptional and major prospective donors
  • Maintaining the leadership of your campaign cabinet and motivating your members
  • Acting as official campaign spokesperson
  • Financial contribution to the campaign (significant donation)
  • Solicitation of prospective donors (exceptional, major and significant donations)
  • Participation in the official launch and closing of the campaign, and any other key event
  • Skill sets that give you the autonomy to conduct your next financing projects on your own

They have confidence in us

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