The Major Gifts Program to Sustainably Grow Your Organization

You want to obtain major donations to grow your organization in a sustainable way and to plan for its development but, you do not have the means or ability to build a major campaign cabinet. Building a major gifts program is clearly an option to consider.

major gifts program

What is a major gift?

A major gift represents an extraordinary contribution for both the recipient organization and the donor. A single donation of this magnitude can transform your organization in a lasting way and bring you to another level of growth.

The Major Gifts Program is a carefully orchestrated philanthropic strategy aimed at creating, developing and cultivating a relationship with donors who have major gift potential. It is usually a permanent program that is aimed at both private and public companies as well as individuals.

How does a major gifts program unfold?


Building and cultivating a relationship with your major donors

Setting up such a program requires in-depth reflection on the mission and orientation of your organization. This analysis allows us to target the right people to sit on a possible committee and to identify potential donors who can support your cause and your mission.

It typically takes place in 3 or 4 phases:

Organization and Structure

  • Purpose
  • Recruitment of a Committee
  • Definition of the Program Structure
  • Recognition Plan
  • List of Potential Donors

Solicitation Phase

  • Making appointments
  • Solicitation of donations

Recognition Phase

  • Communication Plan
  • Distribution of the Recognition Program

Link Maintenance

  • Communication Plan
  • Review of the Purpose
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Adopting a major gifts program means choosing to bring your organization to a higher level in terms of philanthropic income and project development.

Are you ready for your organization to move to the next level? Make an appointment now with our expert to discuss your development projects.

Why establish a major gifts program?

To optimize your philanthropic development efforts

According to a study conducted by the Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP), 88% of contributions come from just 13% of donors. The Major Gifts Program allows you to identify potential sources of donations and meet your annual fundraising goals by focusing your efforts on prospective donors.

To achieve a recurring source of income

Adding a major gifts program to your philanthropic development strategy is a natural evolution for your organization. You can choose to deploy a dedicated program following a major campaign to ensure a stable and recurring source of funding that will support your operations or the completion of an important project. By choosing the major gift program, you ensure financial stability to carry out your medium and long-term projects.

They have confidence in us

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