Communication & Marketing Director

Marie joined the BNP Philanthropic Performance team in early 2019 as communication and marketing director.

She is the founder of Agence Reflet, which specializes in communications and marketing strategy, and whose approach is both informative and educational, contributing above all to the well-being of society.

With a master’s degree in Digital Communication from the European Communication School, in Paris, she has worked for advertising agencies and private companies for close to 10 years. She has considerable experience in Web, print and event project management, as well as business consulting (public and press relations, communication and marketing strategies, product marketing and internal communications). She also teaches digital strategic planning at Collège Bart.

At BNP Philanthropic Performance, she consolidates the communication strategy and helps build the digital shift to promote services aimed at organizations working in the philanthropic field.



  • Communication strategy
  • Strategic Consulting 
  • Digital strategy
  • Event