Melysa Rivard



Consultant in philanthropy

An eclectic expertise for Mélysa Rivard

After obtaining a CÉGEP college diploma in visual communications in 1999, Mélysa Rivard began her professional career by helping her family open several Da Giovanni restaurants in Quebec City, from 1999 until 2001. She then joined CIMCO Refrigeration, providing support to management as an administrative assistant, from 2001 until 2005. Mélysa next worked for the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission from 2005 until 2007, as secretary to the social services department. Her work with the Commission was her first philanthropic endeavour.

In 2007, Mélysa decided to go back to school. Earning a real estate broker certificate from Collège de l’Immobilier du Québec landed Mélysa a job as a real estate broker with REMAX, where she worked from 2008 until 2010. She then joined Qualtech. As sales and administrative assistant for four years, she provided support to the CEO, created computer graphics, followed up on sales and monitored sales representatives’ performance. As marketing assistant for the following two years, she provided technical, logistical and administrative support in promotion and follow‑up for the marketing department. Moving up the corporate ladder, Mélysa was then promoted to the position of communications and marketing co-ordinator. In addition to these responsibilities, starting in August 2017 she was the executive assistant, continuing to allow Qualtech to move forward.

being aware of the people we love, the planet we love and everyone around us every day, and appreciating their value

A need and desire to help others

Mélysa has always wanted to use her strengths and experience for people’s benefit. After making her mark at Qualtech, in February 2018 she decided to join Opération Enfant Soleil where, as development and partnership co‑ordinator for a year and a half, she not only spent time helping sick children, a cause that has always been close to her heart, but also discovered the world of philanthropy. Mélysa then worked at the Club de Golf du Lac Saint-Joseph until January 2021 as marketing director, with additional responsibilities for business, dining and event development. At the same time, as a budding entrepreneur, in November 2020 she opened the Blue Boardshop, a business that creates and markets stand‑up paddle boards.

In May 2022, determined to learn more about marketing, Mélysa began studying toward professional certification in Web marketing strategy with the agency La Fusée.

Mélysa wants to be at the service of a better world

Mélysa’s longstanding desire to be useful and active in promoting greater wellbeing in people’s lives and in the world forms a powerful blend with her knowledge, skills and understanding of marketing, communications, team management and business and event development. For Mélysa, who has long found fulfilment in fundraising and volunteering in the schools, working in the field of philanthropy was the next logical step.

In joining BNP Philanthropic Performance, Mélysa has found an opportunity to mobilize her energy to make the world a better place. Assisting a range of organizations will allow her to promote many causes, including the ones she cares about most: working with children.

Mélysa's three ways to a better world

  1. More interpersonal solidarity
  2. A kinder world
  3. More action toward a healthy environment: plain and practical ways to save the planet

Mélysa's areas of expertise

  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Event development
  • Business development
  • Team management
  • Project management