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To what extent is philanthropy trust-based?

Today we explore how a relationship of trust affects philanthropic giving. Making a donation is the result of a voluntary, intentional decision by an individual or organizational donor to support a cause. How does a relationship of trust between a donor and a cause work?

A planned gift is not the donor’s final flash of support!

It's not uncommon to hear that when a donor commits to a bequest or some other sort of planned gift that they have made their last, best investment in an organization. Thinking that a planned gift is the donor’s final flash of support is just poor understanding of the donor, their motivation and want for engagement.

2021: A year opening into hope

While the first and second waves we experienced in 2020 brought their share of ups and downs, that instability is quietly being replaced by hope for a gradual move to a new normal. Although we would like to return to our former activities as soon as possible, likely we will need to be patient for a few more months.

Trust-based philanthropy: Redistributing power based on evolving values

While the concept of trust-based philanthropy is not new, it is gaining considerable momentum in 2021. BNP Philanthropic Performance supports this new philanthropic stance, and would like to contribute to the thinking that it calls forth.

What does CFRE stand for, and why should you care?

There are more than 40 holders of the CFRE designation in Quebec, and more than 1,000 in all parts of Canada.
So what does CFRE stand for, and why should you care? A CFRE is an experienced, certified fundraising professional.

BNP GOLDIE Canada announces the nomination of John Phin as Regional Manager of Western Canada

Christian Bolduc, President and CEO of BNP Philanthropic Performance and BNP GOLDIE Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of John Phin as Regional Manager of Western Canada.

BNP Philanthropic Performance and The Goldie Company join forces and combine expertise for organizations across Canada

BNP Philanthropic Performance and The Goldie Company are pleased to announce a partnership designed to offer support to Canada’s philanthropic community. This co‑operative endeavour, combining over 66 years of experience and expertise, is part of an ongoing nationwide trend toward professional philanthropy that can help ensure that each organization’s resources can be used to maximize benefit to the client.

Resilience 2020: results confirm the impact of COVID-19 on contributions to charitable organizations in Québec

BNP Philanthropic Performance unveils the results of its Resilience 2020 qualitative survey conducted with some fifty donors in the Quebec philanthropic ecosystem, namely representatives of large companies, SMEs and private foundations. The purpose of this consultation project was to find out the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on contributions to NPOs and will be renewed in the fall to provide an evolving picture of the situation.

Personal donor data management: are you up-to-date?

As a non-profit organization (NPO), are you up to date on how to manage personal donor data? Do you know what federal and provincial legislation applies to you? Are you aware of your obligations? We offer refresher training on current legislation so you can manage you donor data base effectively.

Legal framework for fundraising: four main points

You've set up a charitable organization and obtained your registered charity number (RC number). Now it's time to learn about the legal provisions that govern your fundraising. To manage your organization properly, here are the main points you need to know.