To Take a Step Back From Your Organization, Think About an Audit!

Do you need an outside perspective to understand the positive and negative aspects of your organization? With an organizational audit, we analyze your management, financing and solicitation strategies as well as your human resources and your communication practices.

Organizational Audit

Why carry out an organizational audit?

This audit is necessary and essential, because it will allow you to step back, start again on better footing in order to build and deploy better strategic planning. Below are the seven (7) points explaining why it is necessary and important to carry out this audit.

  • Reestablish and redefine your challenges and your mission.
  • Analyze the scope of your organization’s fundraising programs.
  • Analyze your business practices.
  • Review your legal framework and governance.
  • Analyze your organization’s paid resources.
  • Define your communication programs.
  • Review your recognition program.

What are the stages of your organizational audit?


We analyze all the aspects that make up the environment of your organization

To create an organizational audit, we consider the following steps:

A study of
your external environment

  • The market
  • The community
  • Donors
  • Sponsorships

An analysis of your organization
and your actions

  • Management strategy
  • Legal framework
  • Funding
  • Solicitation
  • Human resources management
  • Governance
  • Communications

An evaluation report
of programs

  • A written report including many suggestions from our experts
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

It is by carrying out this complete audit that we will be able to understand your practices, the effectiveness of your solicitations, the avenues for growth available to your organization and its financial potential.

It is in this way, thanks to our knowledge, experience and understanding of the philanthropic sector and fundraising that we will be able to give you the best suggestions and recommendations.

Following this audit, you will also be able to embark on a strategic planning exercise and set up a recognition and loyalty program for your donors.

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