Structure your organization

Success can’t be improvised; it takes thought and preparation. We empower you to act on solid premises, focus on opportunities for growth, and avoid wasting time end effort. Is your organization well‑known and well‑loved? How much do you need to support or fund your cause? Are your goals realistic, or too modest? Is your vision relevant? Do you have enough resources? Do you have a workable structure?

Our strategies allow you to bring your purpose into perspective and move forward to new achievements, guiding your board of directors and management toward success. We work with you to structure future endeavours and ensure concrete results.

Organization diagnosis

Want to assess your organization and make better decisions? Organizational diagnosis is the way.

strategic planning

Sustainable management of your organization calls for an adaptable, made‑to‑measure strategy. Our consultants can offer guidance.

Imagine Canada accreditation

Want to position your organization with a recognized accreditation? Together, let’s build a solid, convincing case.

Government relations

Seeking grants and writing applications takes time and needs focus. We’re there with you.

legal services

Ready to apply for your registered charity number? We’ll complete your legal application.

alumni networking

Managing contacts with your graduates calls for a focused strategy. We’re experts in the field!

We want to make your life simpler. That means that we're present, available and listening. All the time.