A team that lives philanthropy!

Christian Bolduc

President and CEO, LL.B, CFRE

Marie Claire Morin

Vice President, Ontario and Outaouais

George Stanois

Senior Vice President, Toronto and Western Canada - BNP GOLDIE canada

Esther Tranchemontagne

Vice President, Quebec and Eastern Quebec and Manager, Human Resources

Marc Lapointe

Vice President, Atlantic

Brigitte Germain

Vice President, Montreal and Western Quebec

Michel Gervais

strategic CONSULTANT

Daniel H. Lanteigne

Consultant in philanthropy, governance and humain resources

Gaston Déry

Social responsibility consultant

Marie-Josée Cloutier

SENIOR consultant in philanthropy

Yves Bourget

Strategic and Business Development Consultant

Robert Lorange

senior CONSULTANT in philanthropy

Lynn Perkins

senior consultant in philanthropy

Jim Watson

Regional Manager, Vancouver and British Columbia - BNP GOLDIE Canada

Floyd W. Dykeman

Senior Consultant in philanthropy

Louise Lemay

consultant in philanthropy

John Phin

Regional Manager, Western Canada - BNP goldie canada

Victor Drury

SENIOR consultant in philanthropy

Daniel Tessier-Young

Senior Consultant in philanthropy - BNP GOLDIE Canada

Michelle D. Harder

Senior consultant in philanthropy - BNP goldie canada

Glen Welch

SENIOR consultant in philanthropy - BNP GOLDIE Canada

Adya Afanou

consultant in philanthropy

Lily Serreau

BNP HR Collaborator

Jocelyn Thémens

CONSULTANT in philanthropy

Lois Graveline

Senior Consultant in philanthropy - BNP GOLDIE Canada

Jonathan Tanguay

CONSULTANT in philanthropy

Lee Pigeau

SEnior Consultant in philanthropy - BNP GOLDIE Canada

Marie Harou


Sajjad Domun

Research Services Director

Mary Singleton

project manager - BNP goldie canada