Planned Giving and Endowment Program: Leave Your Mark Forever!

You want to ensure the sustainability of your organization over the long term and you want to offer your donors the opportunity to leave an imprint on society. The implementation of a planned giving and endowment program allows you to do that effectively.

Planned giving and endowment program

Planned giving and endowment,
what are we talking about?

A planned gift is a substantial gift generally resulting from several years of a philanthropic relationship with a donor. Planned giving is an integral part of tax, estate and financial planning. It can take various forms (bequests, annuities or even life insurance), but is mainly made up of assets.

Delivered immediately or promised, its goal is to ensure the sustainability of an organization, generally in the form of an endowment fund. Thus, the planned giving and endowment program aims to generate substantial medium- and long-term contributions that will be allocated in whole or in large part to constitute a capitalized fund. The latter allows an organization to make investments or to add funds to existing investments, and to use the income generated by these investments for its needs and projects.

How does a planned giving and
endowment program unfold?


Suggest to your donors that they leave their mark on society

The planned giving and endowment program allows you to obtain larger donations thanks to an adapted approach that combines education and tax optimization for donors. Different types of donations can be proposed, during the lifetime or following the death of the donor. You must therefore build a program that will respond to the desire of the individuals solicited to leave their mark on society, to establish a philanthropic culture within their families and to contribute to the sustainability of your cause.

The implementation of such a program unfolds in 3 main phases:

Set-up and Structure of the Program

  • Purpose
  • Recruitment of a committee
  • Outline of programme details
  • Legal and legal aspects
  • List of potential donors

Implementation and Solicitation Phase

  • Solicitation plan
  • Making appointments
  • Solicitation of donations
  • Supervision and support

Recognition Phase

  • Communication plan
  • Dissemination of the recognition program
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Are you ready to build a serene future for your organization while validating the importance of your donors? Make an appointment now with our expert to discuss setting up a planned giving and endowment program.

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