The Pre-Campaign Study, Your Essential Step!

You and your board of directors are planning a major fundraising campaign, but you don’t know if you or your potential donors are really ready.

The pre-campaign study is the best way to assess the relevance of your fundraising initiative.

pre-campaign study

What is the pre-campaign study?

The major fundraising campaign is an excellent way to raise funds to support the development and implementation of your projects. However, several factors must be considered before undertaking it. What sets your project apart? How is your organization perceived? How are your projects received in your community? Is this the perfect time to launch a campaign? All of these questions have a considerable influence on the financial results of any major fundraising campaign as well as on the success of your projects.

Our pre-campaign study is an essential service that allows you to take the pulse of your community. Using multiple sources of information and a rigorous analysis, our specialized consultants will come up with a realistic picture of your situation. You leave nothing to chance and are able to develop the best strategy.

How does a pre-campaign study unfold?


The objectives of the pre-campaign study

Conducting a pre-campaign study means giving yourself the necessary tools to be able to successfully carry out a major fundraising campaign. Our recommendations will allow you to avoid the most common pitfalls, and provide you with the necessary data to seize the best opportunities.

Define the purpose of your project


Define your philanthropic market


Identify potential contributors


potential allies


Set a realistic and achievable financial goal


Three steps to carry out in collaboration with your team

The pre-campaign study is carried out with the members of your team. Working sessions will be held that allow our consultants to support you in developing your purpose and in defining your true financial needs.

The process is typically carried out in 3 phases: the preparatory phase, the field phase and the analysis phase:

Preparatory Phase

  • Purpose of the project
  • Analysis of your philanthropic market
  • Preparing the interview questionnaire

Field Phase

  • Making appointments
  • Interviews, surveys and data collection

Analysis Phase

  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Development of recommendations
  • Preparing lists of potential donors and volunteers
  • Drafting of the final report
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Once the pre-campaign study has been completed, the BNP Philanthropic Performance team will present you with a report containing concrete, realistic recommendations based on exclusive data. This will allow you to take the next steps successfully.

In addition to helping you understand the environment in which you operate, our consultants will provide you with a list of potential donors as well as a list of people who may possibly get involved in your major fundraising campaign.

Contact our team now to learn more about the pre-campaign study.

They have confidence in us

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