To complement our article Remuneration in the philanthropic sector: Challenging Unspoken Assumptions and Attracting Talented Individuals, we’ve provided a special guide and two checklists for evaluating your organization’s remuneration structure and your job postings.

Download your guide and checklists

Guide: Take control of your remuneration policy!

Use this guide to have a picture of your current remuneration policy and adopt best practices to attract talent and engage your team.

Checklist: Evaluating your organization's remuneration structure!

This checklist will allow you to assess your organization’s remuneration structure, whether or not you have a remuneration policy to support it. You will also be able to identify factors that will make employees want to stay with you.

Checklist: Make sure your organization's job postings put candidates first!

Take advantage of this checklist to evaluate the relevance of your job postings and take a moment to imagine yourself as a candidate. This way, you will enhance your employer brand and attract talent more effectively. 

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Guide gratuit sur la rémunération dans le secteur philanthropique