Senior consultant in philanthropy

Following his heart to philanthropy
After a 35 year career culminating in a position as regional director of the business group for a major Canadian bank, Robert decided to follow his heart and devote all of his time to philanthropy. In 2011, he became chief executive officer (CEO) of the Fondation Québec Jeunes, an organization dedicated to helping young people in difficulty.

Robert then joined BNP Philanthropic Performance to work as a team with organizations, offering them advice on enhancing performance and responding to their philanthropy development challenges. Robert sees his work as passing on what he has learned and making an active contribution to society. He wants to share his passion with committed people, both staff and volunteers; that interaction is where he finds his greatest motivation and satisfaction.

In the projects he takes on, Robert wants to provide value added. His taste for tackling challenges empowers clients to overcome hurdles and cope with crises. Robert appreciates volunteers’ commitment and determination, and is not shy about highlighting their role in organizations.
Robert keeps up with the latest trends in philanthropy so that he can offer optimum advice to clients who are called on to respond to ever-greater needs in their communities.

taking available opportunities
to be part of, and to further,
something bigger than yourself 
that will help improve others’ wellbeing and quality of life.


Robert’s three ways to a better world:
  1. Develop volunteer involvement starting at a young age, making relevant curricula and content available right from the early school years.
  2. Within organizations, highlight and develop a culture of philanthropy, providing incentives and encouraging employees to participate by contributing their time, talent and finances.
  3. Encourage charitable organizations to work more closely together, thus increasing their impact, fostering best practices, and enhancing efficiency.

His expertises

  • Business development
  • Funding program

His sectors

  • Education
  • Community
  • Arts and culture