Research Services Director

Philanthropy means caring about other people
A teacher for four years in various colleges in Mauritius, Sajjad loves to share what he learns. That’s why he volunteered with students at Montréal’s École Champlain as part of the “Adoptez une école” [adopt a school] project, introduced in 2015 by the department of literary studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) to encourage students to stay in school and do well.

In 2018, Sajjad joined BNP Philanthropic Performance as a trainee. He then became co ordinator of the research that supports this consulting firm’s philanthropic work. Sajjad develops and refines tools that respond to organizations’ research needs. He heads the research team, which maintains a database on businesses, foundations, religious communities, organizations in all fields of endeavour, individual donors, government programs, and civic and business leaders. To keep abreast of the latest developments and engage in peer networking, Sajjad is a member of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA).

contributing to others’ wellbeing,
and reconnecting with wonder and gratitude to find meaning in life.

Sajjad’s current ambitions are to ensure top performance of the research department and to promote a culture of philanthropy among young people. Always seeking to move research onward and upward, Sajjad is unafraid of new challenges. He proudly acknowledges the focused, comprehensive training he received from Christian Bolduc, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BNP Philanthropic Performance and BNP GOLDIE Canada.

Sajjad is interested in arts and culture, education, and health. He sees arts and culture as therapeutic, and education as our passport to the future.

As well, Sajjad cares about preserving biodiversity and the environment. Quoting Marguérite Yourcenar in Mémoires d’Hadrien, he affirms [translation], “To build is to work with the earth, to place on a landscape a human mark that will change it forever.”

Sajjad’s three ways to a better world:

  1. Free education and access to culture for everyone.
  2. Social equity and environmentally responsible earthlings.
  3. Better health for a better world.

His expertises

  • Media monitoring
  • Research
  • Data analysis

His qualifications

  • A bachelor’s in modern literature
  • A master’s degree in modern literature from the University of Mauritius
  • A master’s degree in literary studies from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
  • At present he is working on a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at Harvard University.