Do you Have the Right Tools to Solicit Your Donors?

We have a database of more than 5000 profiles of prospective donors (businesses, private foundations, affluent individuals and religious communities) and 15 000 influential people from various activity sectors across Quebec and Canada.

Data collection

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Donor profile

To solicit a donor, you need to have key information so that you can approach them in the right way and avoid refusal or a disappointing donation amount. With over 5000 profiles of prospective donors across Canada, we provide you with comprehensive profiles containing the information you need for a successful outcome.


List of donors

Our enhanced database allows you to extract names and compose a list of relevant donors for your fundraising campaign or your major donations and planned giving programs. You’ll have at your fingertips a list of appropriate donors who are likely to be interested in your mission based on their interests, financial means and ties to your cause.


List of influential people

We help you identify key profiles to round out your board of directors or build a truly effective campaign cabinet. These people will contribute to your organizational performance and your fundraising initiatives. We will also identify influential people that the members of your board of directors know to determine if they could a good source of support for your organization.

Are you ready to adopt the tools you need to optimize your solicitation efforts?

Our team would like to offer you a demonstration of the tools we’re proposing so that you can see the wealth of information you could acquire.

Do you need to update and enhance your data?

You’d like to optimize the use of your data to draw greater value from it. But you don’t have the time and resources to manage and truly benefit from your database of donors, partners and volunteers. BNP Research will save you lots of time!

We can transform your database into a turnkey service. We have several tools to quickly find contact information and guarantee that your information is up to date.

For donors and influential people, our team of specialists will research publicly available information on your behalf so that your data is cleaned up and your list of donors and influential people is ready to use!

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