A Fundraising Strategy Takes Planning!

To guarantee the sustainability of your services and your organization, your fundraising strategy must be planned to ensure successful funding and solicitation. 

Fundraising strategy

Together, we can…


Determine if you’re ready to launch a major fundraising campaign

You and your board of directors are planning a major fundraising campaign. But you don’t know if you’re really ready and you’re not sure who your potential donors are. A precampaign study is the best way to evaluate the relevance of your fundraising initiative.


Organize and build your major fundraising campaign

You have a major project in mind and you’re finally ready to launch your major fundraising campaign. But you’re looking for support from a specialist to build the best strategy, have a better grasp of each phase of the campaign, and effectively solicit donors. You’ve come to the right place—this is our speciality!


Launch your annual fundraising campaign

You’d like to fund some of your programs and services through an annual fundraising campaign. But you need strategic advice and training so that your team can successfully carry out the campaign. We’re the partner you need to analyze your current actions and provide your employees with the expertise to achieve your goals. 4


Implement a major gifts campaign

You’d like to attract major donations to sustainably transform your organization and plan for its future development. But you don’t have the opportunity or the capacity to build a major campaign cabinet. We can support you in building a major gifts program—from strategy and solicitation right through to donor recognition!


Develop your planned giving and endowment program and diversify your income

You’d like to offer an additional option to your donors through planned giving and an endowment fund. These substantial contributions will enable you to build up a capital fund so that your organization can make investments and use the generated income to meet your needs and fund your projects. This rigorous program requires the support of a specialist. That’s where we come in!


Offer a stewardship program to your donors

You’d like to thank your donors and show them your appreciation. By establishing a special program, you can highlight the importance of their commitment to your cause and to those who benefit from your actions, while building solid and lasting ties as part of a durable recognition process.


Define the brand identity of your organization and your fundraising campaigns

Whether it’s to promote your organization or your fundraising campaigns, you need a coherent brand strategy. This will help you promote your mission, convey the right messages to your target audiences and meet your visibility and solicitation objectives.


Integrate a crowdfunding campaign into your solicitation process

The digital world has become an excellent channel for soliciting and receiving donations. But you don’t know where to start to integrate crowdfunding through your website, social media and newsletter. Our toolkit will provide you with support every step of the way, along with advice from our specialist!

Our expertise
in fundraising strategy

For over 20 years, our team of consultants has specialized in fundraising strategies. We’ve developed an expertise that is well respected, resulting in excellent outcomes for the organizations we’ve guided.  

Regardless of your sector, we can provide support in a wide range of areas, from education, health, culture and community, to sports and leisure, the environment and religion. Each cause deserves the best advice and excellent strategies to support their communities.

Whether you’re in the process of creating your foundation, or your fundraising department needs support, we’re here to assist you. Every great project needs support from beginning to end to make your fundraising goals a reality.

Together, we can make everyone happy!

A multi-talented team to guide you

BNP Philanthropic Performance is composed of a very complementary team. We focus on the talents that have the expertise to benefit organizations. We also focus on cultural differences and generational strengths so that we can continuously grow, develop our creativity and learn to work together. This is how our fundraising strategy is handed down from generation to generation.

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