Organizational Management—Not Something to Improvise!

We encourage you to meet the challenges of organizational management so that you can structure your strategic planning and enhance your organization’s credibility. This will make you a recognized player in your sector!

Organizational Management

Together, we can…


Carry out an assessment of your organizational management

You need an outside perspective to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. We analyze your management, funding and solicitation strategies as well as your human resources and communications. We also make specific recommendations so that you can prioritize your future projects and make the best decisions.


Build and implement your strategic plan

You and your board of directors are in deep discussion about the future and development of your organization. But you need a specialist to guide you, help you ask the right questions, and clearly understand the expectations of your target audiences so that you can implement a coherent strategic plan attuned to the needs of your community and your donors. Let’s do it together!


Obtain Imagine Canada Certification

Gaining recognition of your organization through Imagine Canada Certification means diving into a rigorous process to demonstrate the quality of your organizational structure. It also serves as a gauge of confidence for your partners, your sponsors and your donors. Are you ready to take up the challenge, with us by your side?


Develop your ties with government

You’d like to solicit subsidies and funding from the federal and provincial governments. But you need advice and support in putting together an effective application. Stack the odds in your favour by teaming up with us!


Apply for your charity registration number

You’re ready to register your organization and obtain a charity number. You’d also like to issue charitable donation receipts to your donors. To succeed in this process, we can offer you our legal services and the expertise of our lawyer.

Our expertise in organizational management

Over time, we realized that our expertise is not only in fundraising strategies—we’re also a solid partner for managers and boards of directors when it comes to daily organizational management.

That’s why we’ve expanded our service offering to bring this expertise to as many organizations as possible. We know that your organizational challenges are ever-changing and key to the pursuit of your activities.

We’ve developed a consulting approach so that we can guide you in your strategic choices while ensuring all the autonomy you need.

Our experience, at your fingertips!

BNP Philanthropic Performance is composed of a very complementary team. We focus on the talents that have the expertise to benefit organizations. We also focus on cultural differences and generational strengths so that we can continuously grow, develop our creativity and work together in harmony. This is how our fundraising strategy is handed down from generation to generation.

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