Social Responsibility: Your Positive Impact on Society

As companies evolve, it’s important to support them in pursuing a path toward more sustainable and viable development. Social responsibility makes it possible to align a company’s needs with those of society, and have a positive societal impact.

We live in a world that’s in constant evolution and forever having to grapple with new problems. Today, developing the corporate community is more important than ever. Indeed, companies are tending to pay more and more attention to social and environment concerns, among others. How can you, as a company, deal with these constant changes?

Often, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s where we come in—to support you, analyze your company structure, and build a strategy that will meet your social, societal and environment goals through social responsibility.

Together, we can…


Build a coherent social responsibility strategy

By putting in place a CSR strategy today that is consistent with your organization and your societal goals, you’ll be able to anchor your company in the reality of today’s world.


Embark on B Corp certification

You’d like to use your success as a strength for the common good? We hear you! Today, people no longer blindly consume goods and services. They want to know how you treat your employees, the environment, and your community and if you’re doing “a little extra” for society. Doing good without compromising profits is more than possible. The B Corp process will prove it to you. However, this process requires strong leadership and additional capacity in order to make it through the entire certification process.

Our expertise in social responsibility

Our mission as a consulting firm is to provide an understanding of the philanthropic sector in the context of the constantly evolving reality of companies, from a societal and environmental standpoint.

Our expertise will help you revamp your organizational strategy. In the process, you’ll also analyze and reorient your human resources and communications strategies so that you can adopt a CSR posture that is consistent with the sector and your structure.

Your CSR strategies and B Corp certification

Daniel H Lanteigne

Daniel H. Lanteigne

Senior Consultant and Director of Business Development for Montreal ASC, C.Dir., CFRE, CHRP