Talent May Not Invent Itself,
but We Know
Where to Find it!

We’re your strategic partners when it comes to aligning you with best practices in human resources, talent management and governance.

Gestion des talents

Together, we can…


Build and strengthen your talent management and governance strategy

The question of talent is intrinsic to your organization’s strategy. If you are to efficiently manage your risks and strengthen your capacity to achieve your mission, then building and strengthening your HR is not a luxury. It’s a strategic move that pays off in the short and medium terms!


Attracting and retaining
the best talent in

The talent in your organization is already contributing full on to the development of your mission, but you need more? Someone just resigned unexpectedly? You’re preparing for the next generation of employees? To effectively plan your next steps, getting the support you need for your talent search and your retention strategy is a necessity—not a luxury.

Our expertise in talent management
and governance

Our approach as consultants is based on a critical combination: a mutual understanding of the philanthropic sector, human resources and governance. Both strategic and concrete, our approach allows you to adopt an RH posture that is consistent with the sector and your organization’s DNA.

Calling on the services of our talent and governance strategists will give you the distance you need to take stock of your organizational capacities. You’ll be able to appraise those capacities, explore possible solutions and obtain strategic recommendations supported by a tangible and relevant action plan attuned to your reality.

You’re no longer alone in managing your talent!

Each day, you’re taking care of some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. But sometimes you realize that you’re not taking enough care of yourself and your employees and volunteers. We know that the world is changing and growing more complex. And so is yours. How can you deal with the growing issues, challenges and demands of the labour market?

It can be bewildering and difficult to even know where to begin. That’s where we step in. As your strategic partner, we can help you align yourself with the best practices in talent management and governance.

BNP Philanthropic Performance offers you insight into every aspect to consider with respect to talent and governance, with an eye to the sustainability of your organization. We’ll work with your board of directors, the HR committee, senior management, employees and volunteers to maximize your internal capacity to fulfil your mission each and every day.

We’re here to simplify your life. Which means we’re present, available and all ears.

At all times.

Your talent and governance strategies

Christian Bolduc

President and CEO
Esther Tranchemontagne

Esther Tranchemontagne

Vice-president of operations and Human Resources, Vice-president Quebec and Eastern Quebec
Daniel H Lanteigne

Daniel H. Lanteigne

Senior Consultant and Director of Business Development for Montreal