Enhance your company with a social responsibility strategy

Are you ready to show your ecosystem that you’re so much more than simply a company? The corporate social responsibility strategy is an excellent way to enhance your commitments to your employees, suppliers, partners and community.

What is social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the commitment an organization makes in managing social, environmental and economic issues to meet public expectations.

The advantages of a CSR program:

  • Provides a deep analysis of an organization’s current reality
  • Has a significant positive impact on the employer’s brand, market competitiveness and environmental footprint
  • Develops an inspiring brand image
  • Attracts talent and clients
  • Develops team mobilization
  • Sets the organization apart from the competition
  • Improves accountability
  • Generates savings
  • And can pave the way to B Corp certification 

We’re by your side to help you…


Build your social responsibility strategy

Adopting a strategy like this can sometimes be a source of anxiety. It’s important to think about the various external factors and parameters that influence and change mentalities around CSR.
Here, the most important thing is to master your organization’s environment and how it evolves in it. 

A complete process continuously aligned with your organizational structure:

Diagnosis of
the current situation


Research and development


Action plan
and policy


Communications around your CSR program


Audit and follow-up of your program


Take advantage of our experience to…

  • Develop a corporate social responsibility policy or improve an existing one
  • Align CSR with your brand image and your employer value proposition
  • Maintain constructive and sustainable relationships with organizations and communities
  • Mobilize and retain your team, enhance their sense of belonging and increase your attractiveness to new talent
  • Implement policies in your company to collaborate with partners that engage in ethical and environmentally-friendly commercial practices
  • Promote inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA) within your organization

Ready to adopt a structured approach to social responsibility? Let’s start talking about how to structure your global impact.

Our commitment to social responsibility

BNP Philanthropic Performance is committed to serving as an example of CSR. Very quickly we understood that if we want to take care of our clients, we have to take care of our collaborators, our environment and the communities where we work.

To make this happen, we’re guided by the following principles:

  • Do no harm – Our actions and their impact must have a positive effect on communities and our planet.
  • Nothing about us without us – Any actions that have an impact on groups and communities must be taken with their full participation.
  • We are B Corp – Our approach as a company, employer and corporate citizen is an indivisible whole that dictates our actions and takes into consideration the following impact areas: governance, collaborators, communities, the environment and clients.
  • Act with compassion and kindness – We would not be in philanthropy and CSR if our daily actions were not rooted in these values.

Gauge of confidence

BNP Philanthropic Performance offers consulting services in corporate social responsibility through its consultants, some of whom have been trained in the Business Sustainability Strategy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Moreover, several of our consultants were involved from beginning to end in the B Corp certification process for BNP Philanthropic Performance.

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