The Stewardship Program to Highlight the Importance of
Your Donors!

Do you want to thank and show gratitude to your donors? By setting up a stewardship program, you can highlight the importance of their commitment to your cause and your beneficiaries. You will be building solid bonds so your relationships grow and become part of a lasting process marked by recognition.

Stewardship program

Why set up a stewardship program
for your donors?

When you decide to set up fundraising programs, you have to canvass donors and organizations so that they can make financial contributions to your organization and the cause you are championing. It is these donations that will allow you to gradually achieve your goals and carry out your philanthropic projects. So, the recognition of your donors becomes a strategic and essential element that expresses your gratitude and demonstrates the significant impact of their donations.

The implementation of this program


The four stages of implementing a stewardship program

To thank the donors who make it possible for you to carry out your mission, we set up a program for you to publicly recognize their commitment and involvement. This program must respond first and foremost to the need to recognize the donor’s contribution but also aims to strengthen your organization’s relationships with its donors.

It consists of four important steps:

Building a list of all your donors

Identification of donation categories according to donor profile

Definition of a recognition offer for each donation request

Establishing methods of recognition

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

To learn more about the donor recognition and loyalty program, contact us now.

Create lasting relationships through
the stewardship program

To help you best achieve your objectives and mission, our experts are on hand to guide you through this recognition plan from start to finish. But also, so you can build and maintain the relationships you have with your donors.

The implementation of such a program will therefore allow you to:

  • Show your appreciation
  • Maintain and foster your links and relationships with your donors
  • Educate your future donors to contribute by making significant donations
  • Achieve your donation goals
  • Improve and develop your reputation
  • Promote your principles and values ​​to the public and your community

They have confidence in us

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