Prepare for The future of Your Organization with Strategic Planning

You and your board of directors are beginning a real reflection on the future and development of your organization. However, you need the input of a specialist to guide you, challenge you and fully understand the expectations of your audiences. What if we did this strategic planning exercise together?

Strategic Planning

What does strategic planning bring you?

Strategic planning will allow you to consider all the components that have a direct influence on your daily operations and the sustainability of your organization. Thus, this approach will:

  • Maximize the potential of your campaigns and fundraising activities
  • Ensure the development of your organization while keeping your administrative costs as low as possible
  • Make choices that will guide your main actions for the next five (5) years based on the issues identified
  • Specify your financial goals for each source of income
  • Determine the financial, human and material resources needed to achieve your development objectives
  • Communicate the same information to all concerned
  • Get everyone in your organization on board for the new strategy
  • Ensure a uniform understanding by the stakeholders of the different programs
  • Determine the projects to implement or enhance

What are the steps of strategic planning?


We analyze all the aspects that make up the environment of your organization

Following an organizational audit of your organization, we will embark on the exercise of strategic planning. We analyze your industry and develop an assessment report on your existing strategies and programs. This includes your management, your means of financing and solicitation, your human resources and your communication practices. We will then be able to determine a certain number of observations and suggestions, thus making it possible to build this new strategic plan; more adapted and consistent with your organization and its ambitions.

Identify and have a clear picture of yourself and your organization


Analyze your industry and
your target audiences


Determine a growth and
improvement plan


With our expertise, our knowledge of the philanthropic sector and our counsel, you will become more conscientious, organized and strategic. You will have concrete guidelines to achieve your ambitions and objectives and thus fully ensure the sustainability of your organization.

The stages of our support

Our role is to provide you with a methodology for working and to provide you with our expertise on the various avenues of development envisaged. Also, we produce documents that will serve to guide you in your reflections.

An execution plan and dashboard

An organizational


A strategic

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

It is on the basis of recommendations and suggestions, and also of assessments of future possibilities and new challenges, that you will be able, with our help and support, to develop a medium-long term plan, i.e. over the next five (5) years.

Are you ready to lead a strategic planning exercise? Contact us now!

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