Yves Bourget

Strategic and business development consultant

Resisting indifference by making a difference
Ever since college, Yves has been involved as a volunteer in designing and organizing events. In this work he seeks creativity, innovation and performance. For example, he helped manage the student festival at his college, was vice president of the sports committee at his faculty, and chaired the Alpine ski club at university. For eight years when he was starting out as a professional, Yves helped organize the Carnaval de Québec. Later, he facilitated breakfast meetings for the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec. A further adventure was mentoring with SAGE Mentorat d’affaires and Entreprenariat Laval. Yves inherited strong values from his mother, whose commitment to the seniors’ home in Lauzon was longstanding and inspiring. Yves likes to work effectively and to give with no expectation of return.

Yves enjoys a challenge. In a society that has become self absorbed and mesmerized by social media, Yves wants to help people resist indifference by making a difference. He accompanies his clients in reaching and surpassing goals they would not have dreamed of setting. He is passionate about what he can offer to individuals and organizations who need professional support to perform better, improve results and gain confidence. In consulting, mentoring or coaching, Yves finds a way to provide support. He is particularly proud to witness the positive effects of simultaneously finding and implementing solutions and engaging in team-building. Together we can do great things: we just need to believe in them, prepare for them, and act with professionalism.

leading by example, and being a great philanthropist yourself.

Education is what really enriches a society
A cause that Yves cares about a great deal is education: he strongly believes that what really enriches a society is education for its young people, so that they can develop into full citizens.

In 2010, Yves joined the Fondation de l’Université Laval as its chief executive officer (CEO). During his term of office he successfully directed the most ambitious fundraising campaign since the university’s inception, raising $530 million and thus exceeding the campaign’s initial goal of $350 million goal by 50%. Yves recalls that during the campaign he designed and developed a planned giving program entitled “Les Cent Associés” [the Company of One Hundred Associates, another name for the 17th century Company of New France]. To be one of the hundred associates, individual donors had to commit to making a $1 million donation to the university on their death. Yves planned to target actuaries who had graduated from the university’s first-rate program. At his first appointment with the CEO of a major insurance company, Yves asked for this executive’s support in soliciting actuaries as peers and, after 20 minutes’ discussion, asked what the CEO thought of the campaign. The actuary responded that he was on board: not only to solicit peers, but also to make a $1 million donation. The campaign was off to a strong start!

Following this fundraising success, Yves volunteered to advise no fewer than 25 organizations in various sectors of activity. This endeavour gave him an opportunity to soak up the culture of philanthropy and develop a spirit of generosity for social, health related and cultural causes.

Yves has fond memories of the volunteers who take part each year in Université Laval’s university community campaign. The involvement among the volunteers, joint chairs, and staff is a big part of this campaign’s ongoing, shared success.

In the field of philanthropy, Yves is a strong believer in the power of education. He sees a need to raise people’s awareness, to encourage clients to look farther ahead, and to identify opinion leaders who can convey constructive messages. Yves’ watchwords are, “Lead by example,” and “Never give up.” He hopes to see the wealthiest members of society become less indifferent and take more notice of the manifold needs and suffering of others. It is true that the upcoming generation will be the most highly educated group in our history, but diplomas don’t always mean that people have learned. Yves wants to promote a set of values that will transform indifference into involvement. He is convinced that the golden age of philanthropy is yet to come because society continues to develop; for example, immigration provides an opportunity for differing values to be heard. Our role is to persuade people who don’t usually get involved that they do have what amounts to a duty to contribute to the common good, as a volunteer or a donor. Our job is to be the catalysts!

In recent years, Yves has sat on the board of directors of a foundation in the military community, directing its first major fundraising campaign with a goal of $500,000. He is also interested in causes combating heart disease, which claimed his father’s life when Yves was 14, and mental illness, which is too frequent, especially among young people.

Yves’ three ways to a better world:

  1. I want our society to develop and maintain, as the norm, values like benevolence, optimism, and mutual assistance.
  2. I want all individuals to make it their duty to act philanthropically each year, volunteering their time, ideas or expertise, or donating between 1% and 3% of their gross earnings.
  3. More optimistically, I want to see heart disease, cancer, and all major degenerative diseases eliminated in 20 years.

His expertises

  • Business development
  • Major fundraising campaign
  • Research funding

His sectors

  • Education
  • Health
  • Community

Yves' awards and distinctions

  • Member, Ordre de Bonhomme Carnaval [order of the mascot of the Québec winter carnival]; recipient, Hautes études commerciales (HEC) – Québecor Média award, 2002
  • Diplômé Influent [influential alumnus], Association des diplômés de l’Université Laval; recipient, Marcel Lafrance award as mentor of the year, Entreprenariat Laval, 2012
  • Recipient, certificate of recognition, Faculté des sciences de l’administration [faculty of business administration], Université Laval, 2014
  • Recipient, Le Soleil – Radio-Canada award, 2017
  • Membership, Major Donor Circle, United Way, 2017-2018
  • Chevalier, Cercle de la rectrice [knight of the rector’s circle], Université Laval, 2018
  • Recipient, Lieutenant Governor’s Seniors Medal (silver) for social and community involvement, 2019
  • Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, 35 Combat Engineer Regiment, Canadian Armed Forces, 2021