Montreal, October 7, 2022 – BNP Philanthropic Performance is pleased and proud to announce that it has just earned B Corp certification.  

Certification B Corp

On October 7, 2022, BNP Philanthropic Performance became the first and only pan-Canadian philanthropic consulting firm to obtain B Corp certification. This distinction recognizes its efforts over many years to become a lasting and responsible player in the philanthropy sector.

BNP Philanthropic Performance’s decision to embark on the B Corp certification process was born out of a desire to re-examine the value proposition they offer their collaborators. The objective was to give them the opportunity to give voice to their aspirations, their ideal job and their advancement within a human-scale organization adapted to the realities of each and every one. It was also an opportunity to validate the consulting firm’s practices by developing them to ensure a positive social impact. Collectively, BNP Philanthropic Performance is resolutely committed to:

Always doing more for communities

  • By giving time, money and its expertise pro bono
  • By helping to strengthen the sector’s capacities through the Jean Robert Nolet Scholarship
  • By supporting their collaborators’ volunteer involvement in the causes they care about and matching their donations

Taking care of the people who gravitate around the organization

  • By allowing them to work from where they want and according to the hours that suit them
  • By investing in their professional and personal development so that they can reach their full potential
  • By putting their values into practice—audacity, commitment and proximity

Limiting and reducing their environmental footprint

  • By choosing local and independent suppliers that espouse their values
  • By paying for their collaborators’ public transit or Bixi membership
  • By no longer travelling the country by car or plane

Taking concrete steps towards inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility and reconciliation

  • By adopting clear and transparent principles within the organization and in carrying out its mandates
  • By raising awareness and educating its collaborators about the challenges and opportunities related to diversity and reconciliation
  • By allowing for the right to make mistakes as part of an ongoing learning process

Most importantly, B Corp certification is a long-term commitment. It’s not a goal in and of itself, but rather an important step in our ongoing effort to do more for communities!

In the words of BNP Philanthropic Performance’s President and CEO, Christian Bolduc, “Becoming B Corp certified was a natural step for us and an opportunity to examine the role we want to play as a leader in our sector with respect to clients, communities, collaborators and the environment. We didn’t just want certification to make us look good. First, we wanted this introspective process to confirm what we do well. And we also saw it as a way to make positive changes that will help us to be more responsible and engaged. For over 20 years, we’ve been a key player in social responsibility, so the desire to obtain this certification was innate.” 

Daniel H. Lanteigne, Senior Consultant and B Corp Certification Lead adds, “The organization’s interest and appetite for the certification process really stood out for me. I’m incredibly proud of this decision and of BNP Philanthropic Performance’s leadership in this sector. Not only is it a rallying initiative, but also a very enriching experience in terms of working with people who share strong common values. And, we’re doing it for the right reasons!”

The consulting firm plans to pursue its efforts and mobilization strategy to establish a more responsible and respectful economy that takes everyone into account. It will also focus its attention on helping private businesses effect meaningful change and make a real commitment to social, societal and environmental issues.

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About BNP Philanthropic Performance

Co-founded in 1999 by Jean Robert Nolet and Christian Bolduc, BNP Philanthropic Performance has been supporting the philanthropic ecosystem across Canada in fundraising strategies, organizational management, human resources and data collection. With social impact at the core of its DNA, BNP also offers its expertise to the private sector in the social responsibility process for businesses. A close collaborator with several organizations in health, education, culture, science and religion, the BNP team includes several professionals with CFRE credentials, the most important accreditation in the philanthropic sector. In 2022, BNP became the first and only pan-Canadian philanthropic consulting firm to receive B Corp certification.