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Philanthropic Index

Philanthropic Index is the podcast dedicated to the management of organizations. Too often devalued, these organizations are the pillars of what we call philanthropy. Whether it’s delivering food baskets, supporting our elders and children, promoting education or helping minorities, every mission is important to give every person the chance to achieve in life. So, Philanthropic Index wants to do its part by giving to organizations. How do we do this? By bringing together experts on topics that will help them in their daily management to do even more for the community! 

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Episode 1 

Episode 2

Not so different

Not so different is a podcast dedicated to the stories of people, whether they are he, she or both, whose event, encounter or awareness has given rise to an idea, a project or simply a new vision of life.

For each of these people, a link unites them: philanthropy. This word may resonate for some, but it is so strong that it will take time for us to make it our own and give it the value it deserves.

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