You know your organization;
we know philanthropy.

Founded in 1999 by Jean Robert Nolet and Christian Bolduc, BNP Philanthropic Performance has been involved in fundraising and philanthropy for 20 years. We care about affirming strong, lasting collective values.

Our objective is simple: we want to support you in bringing your visions to life, meeting your challenges and achieving your goals, by developing effective philanthropic strategies that generate real results.

We leave nothing to chance. We are known for the thorough, disciplined, methodical work that constitutes our greatest strength. Our guidelines don’t just look good on paper; they guarantee good performance. We believe that every vision deserves in-depth analysis that will identify the best approach to making that dream come true.

We also believe in the importance of knowledge transfer. Working with BNP Philanthropic Performance is an empowering experience that will allow you to learn from our expertise and establish a sustainable approach within your organization.


BNP supports the financial and organizational development of non-profit organizations (NPOs). We work with them in bringing their visions to life, meeting their challenges and achieving their goals, by developing effective philanthropic strategies that generate real results, increase their revenue and empower them to be catalysts for change.


At BNP, we listen and share our expertise. As a trustworthy partner in philanthropy, we care about our clients’ performance and support their independence.


Performance. Daring. Listening.

Our commitments

Because BNP is founded on strong, lasting collective values, we have made voluntary commitments with social, economic and environmental resonance. Here are just a few of our initiatives.

  • Matching donations: BNP matches every dollar donated by a member of our team. And if the donation goes to an active BNP client, the firm doubles its matching donation!

  • Corporate donations: BNP contributes no less than 3% of its pre-tax profits to various organizations whose fundamental values reflect our own.

  • Volunteer commitment: Each year, BNP donates time and expertise to a new non-profit organization, offering support and consulting services that will allow the organization to develop and flourish.

  • Jean Robert Nolet Bursary: Each year, BNP makes an award and offers a bursary. Jean Robert Nolet Awards of Excellence are made to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the philanthropic community. Jean Robert Nolet Bursaries promote the development of philanthropic management professionals who seek to enhance their skills and knowledge by attending a relevant conference or training course.
  • Environment and sustainable development: BNP promotes and engages in many environmentally responsible practices: recycling, composting, purchasing recycled products, reducing printed matter, teleworking, travelling only when necessary, and promoting public transit and electric, hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicles.