Discover the results of
our study on compensation
and well-being in Quebec's philanthropic sector!

Download the full free report which presents the key figures and findings of our Philanthropic Compensation and Well-Being Index for Quebec, a survey of 368 employees in the sector.

Compensation and well-being

Quebec's first Philanthropic Compensation and Well-Being Index!

When we think of the study we’re making available to the philanthropic sector, the only word that comes to mind is: finally!

Because, you see, finding information on compensation in Quebec has always been a challenge. There are, of course, the T3010, job postings, Canadian surveys and certain salary scales, but none of these provide a clear picture of the situation. It was against this backdrop that BNP Philanthropic Performance initiated the process. We knew the need was there.

So, during the spring and summer of 2023, we launched the largest-ever study of total compensation in the Quebec philanthropic sector, and we were astounded by the response and the people who responded. In all, 368 people took part. We can only say thank you!

Thanks to their participation, we were able to create a complete portrait of the sector, both in terms of compensation, but also in terms of sectoral well-being.